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From The Editors Desk: Welcome to the New Five For Howling

As a group, we welcome you, but we need to discuss a few things.

Minnesota Wild v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Recently, I published a piece about the culture of hockey and homophobic slurs. This is something that I feel very strongly about. All of the staff here at Five For Howling do.

You have the right to discuss anything we post on this website, but do so with an open mind. I even encourage you to write your own posts in our Fanposts section of the site, a good debate is always welcome there.

Do keep in mind that your words may be harmful/hurtful to someone else. The phrase ‘sticks and stones’ does not work in the real world. Words are powerful and harmful. Telling someone who feels that they were marginalized/wronged/hurt without trying to understand and offering comments such as ‘It’s just how it is’, ‘stop being a snowflake’, ‘sticks and stones’ and the like is just as offensive as using any type of slur in the first place. If you don’t understand why there is an issue with what is said, read, listen, ask respectful questions, and listen some more.

The ‘you haven’t played the game, you have no say’ argument is getting old. I can tell you how a 1-3-1 defensive system works and I can tell you exactly how Dave Tippett runs his penalty kill pairings and power play lines. I can pass any silly test you can come up with then it comes to how hockey is played, and yes, I know what icing is.

I am part of the new hockey media. Strong women who cover the NHL, are credentialed by the NHL and its teams. The work that women are putting in for the NHL is amazing and bold, you have to be in this business.

When anything happens that is deemed ‘just a hockey play’ or ‘It’s just how it is in hockey’, it can’t just be taken as gospel. I had a source bring up that yes, there is a culture problem in hockey, a large one. I listen to my sources. We agree that it is turning back into a toxic culture, even as the kids are trying to be taught out of it.

We live in an era where Mental Health is not talked about openly in the NHL, even with Bell Let’s Talk and Hockey Talks. This is relevant because of the toxic masculinity culture hockey has turned into, even more so now.

It is never a ‘witch hunt’ when I mention the bad things that a player has done on or off the ice and it is relevant to what I am speaking about. I am not ‘harassing the team’ or ‘hating the team I cover’. Homophobic slurs, violence against women, and/or other things that have happened with players is something that needs to be acknowledged and not glossed over, just because they are ‘good players.’ It doesn’t make them good people.

My mission is to provide topical and news coverage of the Coyotes and the NHL.

My job is to make sure that content is provided. My opinion of someone may not be yours, but that does not make me less ‘informed’ or ‘able to write’ about it. I watch a lot of hockey. I listen to podcasts and I know my information. I have mentors who assist me when I have questions, and sources who trust me not to leak information.

I dare to be bold. I was warned, and nevertheless, I persisted. I am part of the hockey media future. You cannot stop this signal.

Welcome to the new Five For Howling.

Stay for a while discuss, learn, and most of all, listen.