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Are the Coyotes Really Draft Cursed?

They can't be...right?

Another year, another draft lottery disappointment. In case you missed, it, the Coyotes dropped to 7th in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft pecking order, despite having the fourth-best odds of winning the lottery (and for some reason only having a 2.1% chance to stay in 4th...). If this sounds familiar, that's because it is. Or is it?

It seems that complaining about draft luck has become an annual tradition for Coyotes fans, whether it's dropping in the draft (particularly in 2015 when we missed out on the McDavid/Eichel sweepstakes, nabbing a questionable compensation in Dylan Strome 3rd overall), or somehow miraculously not winning the draft lottery and taking hometown boy Auston Matthews in 2016. While these most recent disappointments are salient, are they really representative of the Coyotes luck when it comes to the draft lottery? To answer this burning question, I crunched the numbers.

For the sake of my mental health, I limited the scope of this crunching to encompass the 2006 NHL Entry Draft Lottery (the first "regular" Lottery since the 2004-2005 lockout) through to this past weekend's 2017 rendition. In determining a team's rating for the year, I compared their draft lottery odds to the actual draft lottery outcome; for instance, if the Philadelphia Flyers have the 13th best odds at winning the draft and, for the sake of argument, move up to the second pick (oh wait...), they'll get a +11 for the 2017 NHL draft. With that in mind, here's the chart:

Draft Chart

Numbers represent the original owners of the picks, irrespective of whether it was traded or not. Blank spaces indicate the team made the Playoffs (and was thus ineligible for winning the Lottery).

There it is folks, we do indeed have a right to complain. We are officially the NHL's unluckiest team in the Draft Lottery!