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From the editor’s desk: farewell

After 2+ years, I am stepping away.

Los Angeles Kings v Phoenix Coyotes - Game Five

On April 8th, I will recap the Arizona Coyotes’ final game of the season. On April 9th, I will no longer be Managing Editor here at Five For Howling.

As some of you probably know, I have been covering the Coyotes remotely from Charlottesville while attending law school at the University of Virginia. Next August, I will be entering my final year, so the conclusion of this season seemed like an appropriate time to step away and focus on my studies and my future career.

My successor will be Sarah Hall. Sarah’s passion for the game, the Coyotes, and hockey in Arizona is second to none. I am confident she will be up to the challenge, and will give FFH the love and attention it deserves.

Some Parting Thoughts

One of the reasons I enjoyed covering the Coyotes all these years was for the remarkable resiliency its fanbase has shown over the years. It’s an unfortunate necessity given the past decade or so, but one that Coyotes’ fans have embraced. I can think of few other fanbases who, when confronted with off-ice challenges, decided to do something about it that made an impact. Those individuals who decided to brave the hot Arizona summer sun and get politically engaged for their team are the reason this time still plays in Arizona.

To be frank, it’s truly amazing that this team has stuck it out as long as it has. It’s understandable that fans just want the drama to be over. But I will say that for all of the times relocation seemed inevitable - be it in bankruptcy court or a city council chamber - the puck always seemed to bounce Arizona’s way. I can’t see into the future, but the Coyotes always seem to find a way.

If you’re discouraged, be discouraged. But your support matters. Your love of the game matters. Your enthusiasm for all things Arizona matters. And most importantly, you matter.

Some Parting Thanks

I have several people to thank before I officially step down. I would like to thank the original founder of this site - Travis Hair - for bringing me on as a staff writer all the way back in 2012, despite only knowing me from the comments section. Carl Putnam, Jordan Ellel, and Jamie Eisner were also supremely helpful in providing guidance as I took on more responsibility here. I have learned so much from all of them.

All of the staff writers and contributors here over the years have also made my job much, much easier. I am deeply grateful for your contributions, your camaraderie, and your courtesy to me and your fellow writers.

Thanks as well to the many members of the Coyotes hockey community who have made this job so rewarding. Thank you to Craig Morgan, Sarah McLellan, Dave Zorn, Cat Silverman, Dave Vest, Rich Nairn, and Greg Dillard for all of the work you do.

SB Nation and its cadre of writers have been hugely influential in my time as managing editor. Thank you to Travis Hughes, Pat Iversen, Achariya Rezak, Hannah Bevis, Kyle Mcilmurray, Marc Dumont, and all of the other highly talented writers across the SB Nation family that were such a pleasure to work with. I am blessed to have been a colleague of yours for these years.

Thank you to the many fans both here and around the Internet. I have met so many tremendous people who have ensured there is never a dull moment in Coyotes’ land.

Finally, I want to extend a very personal thank you to the three individuals without whom I would not be here at all. Thank you to Trevor Kinkade, Tyler Adamson, and Will Argeros for introducing me to this incredible sport. You made it easy to fall in love with this game. Thank you for the many great memories watching Keith Yandle’s playoff opener in 2010, Shane Doan’s hat trick in 2012, and Arizona’s first Conference Finals appearance. I will always appreciate your fandom and your friendship.


This will almost certainly not be a complete goodbye. I will still be around Coyotes’ Twitter and will have the occasional byline as circumstances warrant.

Best of luck to Sarah, and thank you all for your continued support of the site for years.