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2017 NHL Draft Lottery: Arizona Coyotes to Draft 7th overall

The balls have been pulled and the fate of the Coyotes have been sealed.

2008 NHL Draft Drawing
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for the NHL

Tonight we learned the fate of the Coyotes in the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery. And that fate is that the Sports Draft Gods continue to hate Arizona.

The Coyotes were bumped down to seventh in the NHL Entry Draft this year by New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers and the Dallas Stars. But don’t fret, last year the Coyotes drafted Clayton Keller at seven.

GM John Chayka doesn’t seem too bothered by the fall in the draft.

Who Will Be Available?

The top for of the draft are pretty much set, but from three to ten it’s pretty much the wild west as our own Jason Byun brought up on twitter.

It’s also possible that Swedish defenseman Timothy Liljigren could still be available at seven as well.

Overall, Team Chaos won the NHL Draft Lottery, but the Coyotes are going to be okay.