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From The Editor’s Desk: Looking Forward

We’re just getting started.

2016 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Jen Fuller/Getty Images

Taking over as Editor of Five For Howling is something I take great pride in. I want us to provide thoughtful, thought-provoking pieces and opinions for the Coyotes fans who frequent our site. I also want us to bring other things that not your typical hockey fan would notice, like talking about how being a woman in hockey blogging is difficult and how being so far away from the game/team you love gives you a different perspective.

We have added new female voices to our staff in Rose and Jessica, and Taylor continues to use her gift of narrative to tell player’s stories beautifully. I will continue to be as objective and subjective as I need to be to present the issues and topics ahead. The hockey world isn’t as clean and shiny as we think it is sometimes, and we will have to discuss things when they happen.

I believe in bringing a personal touch to our writing and want our authors to be people, not just another person telling you something you have already read. We should be a community, not just ‘that site you go to for Coyotes stuff.’

What We’ve Done So Far

We just finished our first roundtable series in which we graded the season, talked about the best and worst Coyotes, and tried to figure out which prospects had a good season and who we’re worried about. We talked about if the Coyotes should move on from Dave Tippett, how well John Chayka did in his first season as GM, and our favorite moments. We also posed the evergreen question, when will we hear about arena/ownership deals again?

We also added 11 staff members to the site to make content throughout the summer and into next season.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up this week. The Draft Lotto will be on Saturday night and we will have all of the Coyotes pick coverage here. After that, we will begin our player grade series and then start talking about the expansion draft.

I’m excited to have the site grow and take the next step forward. It’s going to be a good off-season.