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FFH Round Table: Arena issues, Am I Right?

We come to the last part in our roundtable series: will we deal with more arena issues this season?

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And now, for the question most people are wondering about, if they have followed the Coyotes for any length of time: will we have ownership/arena problems this summer?




As a foreigner, I have a hard time keeping up with all the ownership/arena issues, but I think given that the Arizona Coyotes are the Arizona Coyotes, we will indeed have ownership/arena problems over the summer. It just wouldn’t be Coyotes hockey without these issues overshadowing the franchise!


It wouldn’t be summer without something like that, right? Honestly, I don’t know. I sure hope not.


It appears that governments are realizing that the benefits of constructing professional sports facilities are not worth the costs, to the Coyotes’ detriment. At some point, ownership has to recognize that the uncertainty of the arena situation has tangible impacts on the decision-making of season ticket holders, and the organization will have to figure out a permanent solution soon. Hopefully, they come up with one that is legally bulletproof as well.


Hopefully, the legislation will pass and that will be the end of the venue woes for a little bit. It has become natural to have to overcome distractions for this team, though.




Without fail, it seems that we constantly have problems with the arena or the city of Glendale. We just can't catch a break sometimes. I believe they will get an arena, but they will share it with another tenant.


It happens every summer. The question is more where they will get a new arena, not if. The team is done with Glendale, and Glendale is done with the team. Ideally, a deal would be worked out with the Salt-River Indian reservation, but the bottom line is that there will be arena strife, without a doubt.


Ugh. Since the ASU-Tempe arena deal fell through, I have felt less than optimistic about the whole situation. I still think the Salt-River Indian Reservation is the best option, especially the same site the new Phoenix Rising stadium has been built on (intersection of Loop 101 & 202). Any news regarding a development there would be great. Any other arena-related news...not so much.


More than likely, although it would be nice if the ownership could find another way to keep the media interested in hockey in the desert over the summer.


Frankly, I’ll be disappointed if we fail to continue our tradition of off-season relocation/sale rumors. Yosemite Sam is interested in becoming another minority owner and he wants to build an arena at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Why not?


It wouldn’t be a Coyotes offseason without it. Here’s to hoping for some resolution, though.


oooooooo. Look, my first piece was about Glendale being shady. I don’t want my last piece going out in a blaze of glory because something happens with Glendale and the arena again. Please, no, for my sanity.


More like, "When will we not?" Am I right? Guys?? Hello????