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Oliver Ekman-Larsson Speaks

OEL speaks to a Swedish website about playing for Sweden at the IIHF World Championships, for the Coyotes, and his mother.

On April 3rd, we learned that Arizona Coyotes defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson would be missing the final three games of the season to be with his family because his mother had passed after a lengthy battle with cancer.

In a recent article posted on Sport Bladet, Ekman-Larsson talks about playing for Sweden at the IIHF World Championships, for the Coyotes, and his mother. The article is in Swedish, but a huge thank you to Patrik Bexell from Habs Eyes on the Prize for helping us with the translation.

On Sweden at the Worlds

"Vi har en bra grupp i landslaget. Vi har en bra grupp i landslaget. Sedan gäller det att vi får ihop det. Och det finns andra nationer som vill vara med också. Det kommer att bli ett roligt VM i alla fall."

"We have a good group in the national team, we just have to make it work. Of course there are other nations that wants to win it too. It will be a great worlds whomever wins."

Based off of this past season, OEL finds hockey helpful to keep his mind off his grief. It’s good that he gets a chance to get back on the ice and focus on other things.

On the Coyotes

Nej, det här var ingen kul säsong.

No, this was not a fun season.

You can say that again, Oliver.

Arizona spelade hyfsat första delen av säsongen, men vi har saknat jämnhet.

Arizona played well the first part of the season, but we haven’t held the same level through out the season.

Lacking consistency was definitely one of the problems that plagued the Coyotes, but just one of them.

On Coyotes fans

Jag måste även tacka alla fans som visat sin uppskattning på olika sätt. Värmer enormt och jag har inte haft tid att ge dem ordentligt med credd.

I also have to thank all fans who showed their appreciation in different ways. It fills me with warmth and I have to give them tons of credit.

I think we were all shocked when we learned of OEL’s mother passing, and it’s nice to know that we had a positive impact on OEL after this loss.

On his Mother

Ja, hennes vinnarskalle hade jag gärna velat ha. Hon var så mentalt stark. Det kommer jag ta med mig nu.

Yes, her winning mentality is something I would have liked to have, she was incredibly strong. I will bear that with me now.

Our thoughts are with you, Oliver Ekman-Larsson.