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Meet the Five For Howling Staff!

We are excited to announce the newest additions to our staff, and re-introduce our old staff.

Chicago Blackhawks v Phoenix Coyotes Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

As Brand Manager, I am excited to announce the addition of 11 new staff members at Five For Howling!

First of all, I want to reintroduce myself. I’m Sarah Hall, the new Brand Manager here at Five for Howling. I want to thank you for being part of our community over the last few years and for helping us grow bigger as a blog and brand. I love writing for everyone here and hope we can continue to grow the site together even more.

I encourage you all the participate in the FanShots and FanPosts throughout the offseason. I’m excited that you have stuck with us over the past season, even when things seemed a little bleak team wise. You can reach out to me anytime at or on twitter at @sarahhowling.

New Contributors:

Alex or Temsey

Hi, my name is Alex and I like to write about Coyotes hockey. I’ve got some things to say that you may not like, but that's ok. I study Geography at DePaul, so if there's a way to talk about hockey spatially, I'll find a way. You can find Alex on twitter at: @temesy24.

Rose Ford

Rose, although originally from New Jersey, has lived in Arizona long enough to consider Phoenix home. After leaving a career in journalism for the stability of accounting, she recently graduated from ASU with a BS in Anthropology because those things just all go together, right? Already a casual hockey fan, Rose was introduced to Coyotes hockey by a friend, who may already regret that decision. Curious by nature, skeptical by choice, she frequently and happily researches the most obscure trivia and facts. You can find Rose on twitter at: @rosecoloredfact.

Jack Harris

Born and raised in Phoenix, Jack is a passionate hockey fan who attends Arizona State University studying Sports Journalism. He has been a huge Coyotes fan since he started playing hockey in the Valley when he was 6 years old. His all-time favorite Coyote is Ed Jovanovski, and he can’t wait to start writing about the team. You can find Jack on twitter at: @Jack_Harris38.

Zack Zeig (Rapid City Rush)

My name is Zack Zeig, I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but I have lived most of my life in South Dakota. I love hunting and watching hockey. I like the Toronto Maple Leafs, but the Coyotes are my favorite team and I follow them very avidly. I also played hockey when I was younger in Thunder Bay, Ontario. You can find Zack on twitter at: @MeatSaucey

Seth Juneac

Seth lives in Huntsville, Alabama but was born in the Valley, and has followed his Coyotes through thick and thin ever since. He's a fan of all the professional Arizona teams, but the Desert Dogs are his favorite. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a broadcasting degree, and currently works as a news producer.

Tyler Childers

I started playing hockey 20 years ago in Anchorage, Alaska and haven't stopped since. It started in a shopping mall ice rink and brought me all the way to Flagstaff, where I attended Northern Arizona University and played for the ACHA team. I then transitioned into journalism and play-by-play commentary, doing both of those jobs for three years each at NAU. It doesn't matter if I'm playing, watching, or writing about it, I just love hockey. I'm excited to keep writing about it and hope to one day make a career out of something hockey related.

New Editors:

Matthew Brady

I grew up in small-town Iowa with an unbreakable enthusiasm for sports. After graduating college, I made my way out to the Valley, ready to immerse myself in the sports of the city. Understandably, I fell in love with the Coyotes, immediately. Fast-forward to today - I’m an avid Coyotes fan, rec-league hockey player, and a high school English teacher. Like you, I share a love for the ‘Yotes and the game of hockey, through the good times and the bad. You can find Matthew on twitter at: @matthewbrady10

Brandon Sparks

I started following the Coyotes in 2009 when Gretzky resigned/walked away as head coach and in doing so, I began following an underdog team that I've grown increasingly invested in. Needless to say, I wasn't prepared for the constant battles both on and off the ice that I would face as a Coyotes fan, but I doubt any of us can say we were, which is what makes us all such a special bunch. Fortunately, at least some of that looks like it's going to come to an end and I am particularly excited to see us ice a lineup that at the very least won't resemble the pre-lockout Devils in terms of excitement level.

Oddly enough, I've got a soft spot for grinders and was heartbroken when Boyd Gordon left for greener pastures in Edmonton. When I'm not watching hockey, I'm working on my master's thesis in forensic psychology at the University of Saskatchewan amongst a sea of (ugh) Oilers fans. Fun fact: my grandfather taught gym to Anthony Leblanc's brother.

Jason Byun

My name is Jason Ki Joon Byun, and I'm a 23-year old student living in Houston, TX. Currently, I am working towards obtaining my teaching degree (high school math). I love music (singing and piano, as well as listening to just about anything), reading and writing, video games, and watching sports.

I'm a relatively new hockey fan, only started to really follow from the 2012-2013 lockout, but I love this sport. I recently decided to become a Coyotes fan after redefining my sports fandoms, as I ended up picking a team (Anaheim) when I first started watching, when all I really was interested in was learning about the sport first (this has been true for basically every sport, not just hockey). You can find Jason on twitter at: @jvl101993

Social Media/Community Manager:

Jessica Meyer

Jessica is a 24-year-old, Dallas, Texas based photographer, editor, and social media manager, currently studying photography and social media management at university. A hockey enthusiast, tea drinker, baker, bibliophile, and also a musician (singing, writing songs, playing guitar and piano) in her spare time. She fell in love with hockey because of her aunt, in a small town in the middle of nowhere Iowa when she was just four years old. She’s been a fan of the NHL and hockey ever since, and still hasn't been able to pick just one favorite team, but the Coyotes are about as close as she can get.

Jessica has been in the hockey journalism world for about two years now, from freelancing as an event photographer with the Dallas Stars to interning with the ECHL’s Allen Americans (Sharks affiliate) as their head of social media. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram (game photos) at: @jlmmphotography.

Video and Graphics:

Dylan Druktenis

Dylan is a motion graphics artist and hockey fanatic based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in the Chicago area, he became a fan of the Desert Dogs thanks to scoring goals as Jeremy Roenick on his Super Nintendo and the multi-decade local TV blackout of his hometown team. You can check out his work on his website here.

Returning Staff

Jack of all Trades: Carl Pavlock

Carl Pavlock has been with for Five For Howling since November 2011, writing mostly about the Arizona Coyotes and briefly about the ASU Sun Devils hockey program. He currently writes pretty much whatever.

Roadrunners Contributor and Long Reads: Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark is one of our jacks-of-all-trades who covers the Roadrunners, Worlds and whatever story needs to be told. She’s going into her senior year at Cronkite for Sports Journalism and is striving to make sure women’s voices are heard in sports media. She also writes for The Ice Garden, ASU’s newspaper, and covered ASU’s women’s hockey team’s first season. You can follow her on twitter at: @taylorsedona.

Game Day Contributor: Michael Z. Morrissey

G'day FFH readers, your favorite Coyotes fan from Australia is back! After writing mostly previews and recaps for the site in the last two years, I'm hoping to get a few more feature articles and opinion pieces slotted in wherever possible. I'm actually leaving Australia and moving to Canada in September later this year and will also be working in Texas during the summer. Keep your eye out for my upcoming piece on growing up as a hockey fan in Australia, a developing hockey nation. Cheers!

Game Day Contributor: Joe Versen

Although currently living and working in Washington, D.C., Joe grew up in Scottsdale and clings tightly to his Coyotes fandom. He's seen Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton' a total of three times. He's been not disappointed by any of his favorite sports teams a total of one time. You can follow him on twitter at: @joeyversen.

Prospects and Contributor: Paul Wheeler

Hi, I'm Paul, and I'm a Brit who is far more passionate about hockey than he ever has been about football or rugby. I've been writing about hockey since 2000 and have commentated on UK EIHL games in my hometown of Coventry, as well as playing it at a house-league level sinceI was 16 (17 years ago, so if your team needs a gritty forward, I'm around). I've also been lucky enough to travel all over the world covering hockey for TV, from the Champions Hockey League in Europe to the World Sled Hockey Championships in Korea.

My NHL loyalties are split between Buffalo, San Jose, Boston (about whom I write for SCOC, SBN's Bruins blog) and, of course, the Coyotes. Favorite Coyotes are Clayton Keller and Max Domi, and my favorite NHLer is Jason Pominville. I'm here mainly to write about prospects and trades, though I tend to jump about and write about most things - one thing you can expect is plenty of rock music references and the odd bit of British sarcasm, too. Looking forward to sharing the rise of the Coyotes with you all. You can follow Paul on twitter at: @fourthlinewing.