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FFH Round Table: Best and Worst Coyotes

Today we discuss the best and worst Coyotes throughout the season.

Minnesota Wild v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today we talk about the best and the worst Arizona Coyotes from this season. This was an easy one really, but maybe too easy for worst player.

Who would you say was the best Coyote/s?

Sarah Hall- Managing Editor:

Radim Vrbata, hands down. Vrbata found his stride in Arizona again and we shouldn’t have been shocked. For a $1 million dollar contract with some great signing bonuses, it was an amazing flyer to take on a known goal scorer. He also loves Arizona, so that helps too.

Carl Pavlock- Contributor:

Radim Vrbata. When the Coyotes re-signed Vrbata, I wasn’t sure how much he would contribute besides being just a veteran presence and providing some offense. He ended up being the Coyotes best offensive player, leading the Yotes in goals and assists and probably earned himself another contract.

Michael Z Morrissey- Game Day Contributor

Max Domi was basically tied with Radim Vrbata in every category before he got injured. If he had stayed healthy, I don’t doubt he would be receiving his fair share of the praise that Vrbata is currently getting.

Taylor Clark- Roadrunners Contributor:

Radim Vrbata: Had Max Domi not been injured for a majority of the season, this could have gone to him. But in his absence, it was Vrbata who carried the offensive force in a season where there was waning production across the roster. Even though the team was bad, leading in both assists and points is no small feat.

Joe Versen- Game Day Contributor:

Of the veterans, impossible not to say Radim Vrbata. That guy just thrives in the Sedona red. Of the youngsters, Christian Dvorak. If he continues to progress at a steady pace, he'll be a top-six fixture of this franchise for years to come. Honorable mention: Jakob Chychrun.

Brendan Porter- Former Managing Editor:

Radim Vrbata came to Arizona on a cheap, short-term contract with more than a few wondering if his NHL career had run its course. 20 goals and 35 assists later, Vrbata’s shown he has a lot more to offer. Hopefully, he’ll get another chance to do so in Arizona.


Sounds like a unanimous best Coyote goes to Radim Vrbata for the season from us here at Five For Howling. With Honorable mentions of Max Domi, Christian Dvorak, and Jakob Chychrun.

Ottawa Senators v Arizona Coyotes
Your Best of the Yotes!
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who would you say was the worst Coyote/s?


This year, there was a smattering of disappointing Coyotes, but the worst I would say is Jamie McGinn. He had looked promising earlier in the season, but then he just got lost in the shuffle. His contract is a hard to swallow, but he might be an option to be exposed in the expansion draft.


Jamie McGinn: The Coyotes signed McGinn to a 3-year contract worth $10 million. McGinn responded with his worst NHL season to date and is largely absent on a team in dire need of his ‘veteran presence.’ If he hasn’t picked up the pace by next season’s trade deadline or been drafted by Vegas, he needs to get moved. It’s ridiculous that there hasn’t been more coverage of his struggles.


Luke Schenn: Hands down the player I think was the worst and one of the most disappointing. He was brought in to help stabilize the right side of the d-corps and it seems like he was more of a liability than a help. Schenn was stuck on the top pairing for most of the year to have OEL balance him out (which in a way dragged OEL down) and he was mostly unable to make an impact with any other defenseman. 1 goal and 7 assists for only 8 points on the season is rough.

Joe V.

This is tough to write, but the production drop-off of both Shane Doan and Anthony Duclair make them the most disappointing players for me this season.


Jaime McGinn had more goals last season than he had in points this season. I don’t know if it’s a deployment issue or linemate issues, but McGinn has to offer more next year if he’s still in Arizona post-Expansion Draft.


Worst Coyotes go to Jamie McGinn, Luke Schenn, Shane Doan and Anthony Duclair, which are all fair answers. But the worst is...

Arizona Coyotes v Washington Capitals
Aaand the worst
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Jamie McGinn.

Who are your best and worst Coyotes? Let us know down below!