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5 Quick Questions with the Pension Plan Puppets

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Time to check in with the Toronto side of the game.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

We reached out to our sister site for the Leafs before the game tonight to ask five quick questions, and one that Sarah thought was funny.

FFH: Do you see a similarity to this years Coyotes and the Pre-Auston Matthews Leafs?

El Seldo of PPP: A little bit. Goaltending is rocky, there's the one defender you know is going to be around forever (Morgan Reilly, OEL), the young forward in the minors that you have hopes pinned on (Marner, Strome), and the flashy winger who you can't stop watching (Nylander, Keller). Plus some filler.

FFH: What, in your opinion, is the Leafs biggest problem area this season?

PPP: The Leafs biggest problem area to me is the defensive game. Biggest in that it needs the most work, but there's no car swallowing potholes here, just some minor bumps. The forwards could be tighter defensively, and the bottom pair is okay. Andersen's game is picking up just like last season, so I think it's working itself out.

FFH: Could, realistically, the Leafs get caught in this ‘trap’ game?

PPP: I think perhaps for the start, but the creativity we've seen some out of some of the forwards, they'll get around any trap set up by the Coyotes.

Now if you mean trap by 'they won't go 100% because it's just the Coyotes' then that danger is always there, but I don't think Babcock would let them get away with that .

FFH: Auston Matthews, can we just share him?

PPP: No. He is ours, we have earned him, and we won the damn lottery.

FFH: Any advice to the suffering Coyotes fans?

PPP: I'd like to say it gets better but, it felt like it never would. No one could rip the Leafs like Leafs fans, so always be on top of mocking your own team, huddle in a mass of joint suffering, and hope this rebuild works out.

FFH: And Finally.... Will you ever forgive us for drafting Christian Dvorak?

PPP: The stink of the London Knights never fades (unless you're a Leaf, heart you Marner and Kadri) but better a Dvorak than a Matthew Tkachuk.

(Editors Note: Please note that Seldo is a noted Niagara Ice Dogs fan, but he did stand in a fern for us to get a Dylan Strome interview so... he’s pretty okay)