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In Remembrance: George Gosbee

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Arizona hockey lost a strong advocate on Monday. George Gosbee was the largest factor in keeping the Coyotes in Arizona.

New York Rangers v Phoenix Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Monday morning, we were all shocked by the news of former owner and governor of the Coyotes George Gosbee’s passing.

If you have time, listening to this great interview with Anthony LeBlanc and the guys from the Natural Hat Trick Podcast talking about Gosbee.

Because of George Gosbee, we get to still enjoy the Coyotes in Arizona. He fought the hardest to keep the team in Arizona when IceArizona bought the team.

He was out at every tailgate that first season, talking to fans. He, on more than one occasion, welcomed myself and a friend into their circle to talk hockey, the team and how things were going with the in-arena ops. He wanted to know what everyone thought.

Personally, my best memory of Gosbee is from a tailgate before a game. It was a morning game against the Oilers and my friend had made a sign for NHL Network because EJ and Mearsy were saying they wanted more signs for them.

We were walking past a tent that was cooking breakfast and my friend Frankie asked whoever was cooking if we could take the photo next to his really cool Coyotes flag. He let us and started asking if it was our first game.

You know, small talk.

We chatted for about 10 minutes when he finally introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m George Gosbee.”

That’s just the type of guy he was around the fanbase. He actively listened and wanted the team to be the best they could.

Yesterday, in the Calgary Herald, they spoke about mental health when speaking about Gosbee and his passing.

Remember; help end the stigma of mental illness all year round, not just during #BellLetsTalk or the Canucks #HockeyTalks.

As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I want to remind you to support your friends, families, yourself, and anyone who needs to talk.

Godspeed George, you are missed by more people than you even know.

Please feel free to leave your memories and thoughts down below, but please do be respectful.