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Arizona Coyotes desperate for a win as they head to Broad Street to face the Flyers

Please Win. Please. We just need one.

Arizona Coyotes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Coyotes, please win this game against the Flyers.

For everyone’s sanity.



Five For Howling

PS: We love you but it hurts to love you. :(

PPS: Here’s the stats table for the game tonight

Coyotes V Flyers Fast Stats

Stats Arizona Coyotes Philadelphia Flyers
Stats Arizona Coyotes Philadelphia Flyers
Points 1 (8th in Pacific) 12 (5th in Metro)
Goals For 17 (T-21st) 23 (T-10th)
Goals Against 31 (30th) 18 (T-11th)
Power Play 17.1 (T-15th) 21.4 (9th)
Penalty Kill 69 (31st) 80 (T-17th)
5v5 Corsi For % 48.62 (22nd) 48.85 (20th)
Shooting % 6.64 (24th) 9.27 (11th)
PDO 95.65 (29th) 101.52 (9th)