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Tobias Rieder Q&A: Arizona, Hockey, and Sunshine

Tobias Rieder sat down with Five For Howling last week. He talked about where he grew up, coming North America, and sunshine.

NHL: Preseason-Arizona Coyotes at San Jose Sharks Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

Tobias Rieder came up to the Coyotes three years ago and hasn’t looked back since, but we haven’t really gotten to know him. Five For Howling was lucky enough to have a sit down with the right winger to talk about where he is from and what he enjoys the most about Arizona.

Five For Howling: So, How’s your ankle?

Tobias Rieder: I can’t complain. I don’t have any problems skating, so yeah. Should be ready to go.

(Note: This interview took place the day he was medically cleared to play in games again. And the day we found out how serious his ankle injury was.)

FFH: Where in Germany are you From?

TR: I’m from a little town called Landshut, it’s half an hour away from Munich, so the southern part of Germany. It’s actually pretty close to the Austrian Border.

Landshut, Germany compared to where Munich, Germany is.

FFH: Is it known for anything?

TR: Well, not really the town, but Bavaria. That’s kind of like the state that I’m from, It’s known for obviously, Oktoberfest which is going on right now. For their good food and good beer.

FFH: What was your first impression of North America when you came over for Junior?

TR: Yeah it was overwhelming, obviously it’s way different than in Germany. In Germany, everything is like, closer, like you don’t really need a car to go anywhere. And I feel like here in North America you need a car to go anywhere. Everything is just, bigger.

FFH: Was it really hard for you for the first couple of years when you were away from your family for so long?

TR: Well yeah, it was hard in the beginning. Obviously, I was 16 or 17 years old. So my mom wasn’t happy when I left. And uh, yeah it was kind of hard, but then you get to know your billet family and your teammates and you kind of get used to it then. That’s what we did ever since.

FFH: Any traditions or foods that you miss from home?

TR: Yeah, there’s lots. Obviously, Schnitzel is one of my favorites.

(This conversation devolved into German Restaurants in Phoenix metro area.

Spoiler: Tobi was very excited about this.)

FFH: What was your first reaction of coming to Arizona and comparing it to Germany?

TR: It’s really hot. That was the first thing. I think the first time I got here it was in the summer too. It’s still too hot for me in the summer. So I’m kind of happy I get to go back to Germany in the summers.

FFH: What is your favorite thing about living in Arizona?

TR: Just the weather I think. It always puts you in a good mood. You wake up in the morning, even if you lose a game the night before, you wake up and the sun’s shining and it just puts you in a better mood. I really really enjoy that about Arizona.

FFH: I have one more question, and I can’t say it. But Alex (writer from FFH) wants to know the answer to this question.

{Diese frage kommt von ein anderen Schrieber bei FFH. Was ist ihre lieblings fußballmannschaft?}

TR: He wants to know what my favorite football club is. I have to say Bayern Munich.

FFH: Thank you so much for your time, Tobi.

TR: No problem.

With good reason Tobias Rieder is a fan favorite. We wish him a great season and thank the Coyotes for giving us the time to speak with him this preseason.