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From The Editors Desk: Rick Tocchet, John Chayka and the power of patience

Everybody needs to just take a deep breath and try not to panic.

Arizona Coyotes v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yes, they are 0-4-1.

Yes, they looked overwhelmed and out of sync at times.

There is an interesting pattern with Tocchet speaking about how the team ‘isn’t in shape’ or ‘not in the shape he wants them in.’

The post game from Saturday nights game with the general media.

A very frustrated Louis Domingue following the loss on Thursday against the Red Wings.

It’s five games in and it feels like the world is falling down around the Coyotes ears.

But, everybody needs to take a deep breath.

There is no need for Fire and Brimstone talk.

There is also no need to call for the firing of John Chayka or Rick Tocchet five games in.

A lot of what I’ve seen recently is fans yelling, via twitter, that its been six years and it has to be fixed right now.

Yes, it has been ‘six years’, but in the eyes of what they Coyotes are working with, it’s been three months. Remember, Rick Tocchet was hired July 11th.

John Chayka has completely flipped an NHL team in just under a year and a half.

This is not the regime from six years ago. This is not even the team from last year. Four of the newest faces on the Coyotes have come from winning backgrounds, and you can see they understand this is a young team.

How young you ask?

The Coyotes are the third youngest team in the NHL at a ripe young age of 25.376 years old. (That is younger than myself.)

Being a young team is not a fallback for what is happening with the Coyotes. They have the talent to not be 0-4-1, but something is holding them back.

Is it their conditioning? Is it the brand new system? Is it lack of leadership from within the room?

We as outside observers cannot tell you that answer. This is something within the team itself that they need to sort out.

Yes, this is frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time. We knew this season was going to be about the growing pains.

But don’t blame this fully on the GM and Coach, some of it needs to go on the players.

Lest we forget the 0-7-1 Toronto Maple Leafs of the 2009-10 season and the partial insanity it gave to friend of the blog Steve Dangle. (this was when they went 0-6-and fun!)

We’re not there yet, but if we hit the low of 0-7-1, this Managing Editor will probably be at Gong Show status.

But until then, there is hope and two match ups against the Stars and Chicago as to hit the eight game mark.


So, how are you all holding up?

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