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NHL All-Star Weekend: Mike Smith scores from the red line because of course he does

Mike Smith being Mike Smith.

NHL: NHL All Star Game-Skills Competition Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Smith loves to play the puck for the Arizona Coyotes, to the delight/dismay of many a fan. Tonight at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, he showed the hockey world just how good he can be with a 200 foot goal into a pinpoint target that you have to see to believe.

Nailed it.

Of course, this one was probably a breeze compared to his last effort back in 2013 against the Detroit Red Wings.

He threaded the needle tonight, but that one against the Wings might have found its way through the hole in the All-Star net too.

Mike Smith will always be an exhilarating goaltender to watch. The chance to see a goalie goal is just one of the reasons why.