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#ThePhoenixJar: turning force of habit into a force for good

#phoenixjar isn’t just a joke anymore.

This fantastic piece of art comes to us courtesy of our friends over at Stanley Cup of Chowder.
Skyonair, Stanley Cup of Chowder

Three years ago, the Phoenix Coyotes became the Arizona Coyotes. Not everybody got the memo though, and as a result more than a few referees have penalized the “Phoenix” Coyotes since the name change.

Although we believe that should negate any penalties Coyotes’ players take, that might be a little too much to ask. So instead, we’re going to turn their mistakes into a force for good.

This season, for every time an opposing broadcast or a referee accidentally refers to the “Phoenix” Coyotes, we’re going to make a contribution to the Phoenix Jar. At the end of the season, the proceeds from the jar will go to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation. This foundation researches a rare and deadly childhood cancer, Ependymoma and Glial tumors of the head and spine.

This hits home for one of the members of our Five For Howling team. Last year, Sarah started the project to help raise funds for research when a wonderful seven year old named Gus had three surgeries in a seven months. That’s when Sarah decided to try to make #PhoenixJar a thing.

If you would like to help, there are a couple of different ways you can do so. First, you can donate to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation directly. Every little bit helps the Foundation achieve its goals, so no amount is too small.

Additionally, you can also use the hashtag #PhoenixJar and follow @PhoenixJar on twitter, during the season every time somebody says “Phoenix” instead of “Arizona”. If you are out-of-state and listening to the other team’s broadcast, we especially could use your help to make sure no mistake goes unnoticed.

At the end of the season, we’ll tally up all of the contributions to the Phoenix Jar and let you know which officials and broadcasters are the worst offenders.

If you are interested in more background information on #phoenixjar please leave a comment below. Sarah will fill you in.

Our Challenge to other SB Nation blogs. Come up with your own #_______Jar. Raise money and awareness. Let’s help out. Let’s roar for Gus, Remember the Real Gus and Hazel, and let’s do something good.