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Arizona Coyotes 21 under 21 - #12 - Conor Garland

#12 on our list could bring the scoring touch from the wing that the Coyotes need.

Moncton Wildcats v Blainville-Boisbriand Armada Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Conor Garland is speed and skill and a bit of flash, something the Arizona Coyotes don’t have a lot of. At #12, Garland could potentially bring that to the ice, if he can overcome the size question.

#13 - Conor Garland - Right Wing - Moncton Wildcats - 123rd overall pick, 2015 Draft

Highest Rank: 8

Lowest Rank: 20

Conor Garland is a scoring machine in the QMJHL. In his draft year he tied Dylan Strome for the CHL scoring title with 129 points (35-94-129). Last season he dipped in production with a measly 128 points (39-89-128), though he missed five games with a concussion.

He is a gifted and skilled pure goal scorer but is also an amazing playmaker. He also has been known to stand up for himself. He is small, only coming in at 5’8" 163 pounds, but he has the speed to make that not a factor.

The big question is whether or not his skill will translate to the AHL or NHL because he plays in ‘just the Q.’ Watching him at development camps the last two seasons, he makes the CHL goalies there look like they are new and this year made Vasily Demchenko look unamused. (He also almost killed Michael Bunting with a shot of the crossbar but that’s for another post.)

Keep your eye on number 8 in white.

I think he’ll be just fine.

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