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Max Domi Starts Another Campaign to Raise Diabetes Support and Awareness

Max Domi is working again with Contour to raise awareness, money and support for Diabetes.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Max Domi has been busy this off-season even as the Arizona Coyotes are in full offseason mode. He won gold at the IIHF World Championship with Canada, has been documenting his adventures on snapchat, purchased a house in Arizona, and now has teamed up again with Contour Accuracy to help fund research for Diabetes.

As I've written before, Max Domi is a role model for a lot of young hockey players who are playing with diabetes, but he isn't stopping there. With the launch of the Contour Accuracy website, Domi will be reaching out to an even larger audience of Diabetics. I recommend going to the website and looking around. There is even a section where you can ask Max questions about Diabetes.

In his interview with Adam Wylde on Breakfast Television, he talks about when he was first diagnosed with Diabetes. Could he still play? The doctors said 'of course,' and he hasn't stopped there. He also talks about the campaign and how this is his second year teaming up with Contour. You can check out that interview here.

This is important because of representation yet again. Reaching out to younger and older generations with Diabetes is going to help the future of people who are diagnosed with the disease. If Domi can assist even more young players to keep going, there soon may be kids just like Max coming into the league, and in the end that's what matters.