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Arizona Coyotes Announce Their 2016-17 Schedule

What we've been waiting for, next year's schedule.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Coyotes announced who they would be playing at their home opener, that honor goes to the Philadelphia Flyers on October 15th. The Full Schedule can be found here.

This is the first year that the NHL is implementing bye weeks. The Coyotes will have theirs January 8th-12th, with the All-Star break January 27th-30th. They also have 11 back to back games this season, including 3 in the month of January.

The NHL again was kind in giving the Coyotes 14 home games on Saturdays; and only 10 home games on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. Also of note, the Saturday home games have reverted back to a 6pm start and 7pm weekday starts with a few exceptions. The two Sunday games will be a 6:30 start, the game against the Canucks on November 23rd will be an 8pm start, the game against the Oilers on December 21st will be a 7:30pm start and Against the Blues on March 29th will be a 7:30pm start.

Marquee Match-ups

Philadelphia Flyers- October 15th

San Jose Sharks- November 1st

Boston Bruins- November 12th

Los Angeles Kings- December 1st

Toronto Maple Leafs- December 23rd

Dallas Stars- December 27th

New York Rangers- December 29th

Tampa Bay Lightning- January 21st

Chicago Blackhawks- February 2nd

Montreal Canadiens- February 9th

Pittsburgh Penguins- February 11th

Detroit Red Wings- March 16th

Washington Capitals- March 31st

Minnesota Wild- April 8th

What game are you most excited for?