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Arizona Coyotes leave 2016 NHL Draft Lottery empty-handed, will draft seventh

The winning numbers were drawn, and for the second year in a row, Arizona was painfully left out in the cold.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last year was tough. This year might be tougher.

Though the Arizona Coyotes did not have great odds to move up to one of the top three spots in the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery, the fact that they did not win any of the three available spots will sting for years to come, because of the top prospect they will likely miss out on.

Arizona will end up drafting seventh, with the top three spots going to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Winnipeg Jets, and the Columbus Blue Jackets, respectively.  Arizona remains at 7th overall.

But most importantly, the losses logically take Arizona out of the range necessary to swing a deal necessary to acquire the pick that would enable them to draft Scottsdale native Auston Matthews. Though having such a highly touted Arizonan go #1 or #2 overall is undeniably good for the future of hockey in Arizona, the fact that its most talented product will not begin his career with the Coyotes sucks.

Nevertheless, Arizona will have an opportunity to fill immediate needs in their prospect pool with their pick, as there are several great defensive prospects currently slated to go within the 7-10 range that Arizona currently occupies. They probably won't get Matthews, but they should land an important piece at a position that desperately needs an upgrade.