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2016 NHL Draft Lottery: time, TV, odds, and more

Time, TV coverage, and odds for tonight's Draft Lottery.

Please Mr. Daly. Not again.
Please Mr. Daly. Not again.
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The big day is finally here for the Arizona Coyotes and the thirteen other NHL teams unfortunate enough to miss the playoffs.

Tonight is the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery, and the top three spots in this summer's Draft are up for grabs. Here's everything you need to know to watch Edmonton win a franchise's fortunes begin to turn around tonight.

The 2016 NHL Draft Lottery

When: 8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Arizona Time

Where: NHL Live Prior to Game 2 of Pittsburgh/Washington (NBC)

How It Works

There are 14 numbered lottery balls. The lottery will spit out four different ones. The four numbers correspond to a series of combinations that each team is assigned. The number of combinations each team has is directly related to their final position in the league standings.

After the winner of the first pick is selected, the winning four numbers are re-inserted into the machine, and the process begins again. The second overall pick is selected in the same fashion, with the first overall's combinations resulting in a re-draw. The process is the exact same for the third pick.

If that sounds complicated, here's a much simpler look at every team's odds heading into tonight's Lottery:

(Chart courtesy of Arizona Sports' Craig Morgan)

The most likely outcome for the Coyotes is to move to 8th overall from 7th, which would only happen if a team behind them in the standings wins one of the three spots up for grabs.

A lot can possibly happen in this Lottery, as even the team with the best odds - the Toronto Maple Leafs - has almost as much of a chance of missing out on all three spots than they do of winning any of them.

Regardless, grab your favorite stress ball and kill some time by trying out the improved lottery simulator that runs through the entire process here. And good luck Arizona!