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If your team was a holiday dessert, what would they be?

Everyone needs a smile going into the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Five For Howling

Michelle Obama Welcomes Military Families To White House To View Holiday Decorations Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This year we wanted to do something a little different going into the holidays. With how stressful the year 2016 has been, why not have a little bit of fun on Christmas Eve?

If your team was a holiday cookie and/or dessert, what would they be? We came up with our own choices, but feel free to add your own in the comments!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped crowd source this piece.


Carolina – A Chocolate peppermint crème Whoopee Pie. Looks just right but something usually goes wrong in the process.

Columbus – Lemon sugar cookies with fancy icing. Looks innocent enough but they’ve got enough kick to knock you over.

New Jersey - A boring sugar cookie that has never deviated from the original recipe since forever, even though there are new people baking the cookies this year.

New York Islanders – An underbaked snickerdoodle with a mushy bottom and too much cinnamon on top.

New York Rangers – A French silk pie with whipped cream that keeps melting and is not quite set, but the crust is amazing.

Philadelphia Flyers – One of those festive orange cookies that are crumbly but not, at the same time.

Pittsburgh- Perfectly baked and decorated sugar cookie that loses its stars every so often.

Washington – An under-sugared Russian Tea Cake with a perfect bake.


Boston- A half-baked coconut Macaroon, sometimes it stays together, sometimes it doesn’t.

Buffalo- Shortbread with too much butter; you try to enjoy it but give up 3/4 through the piece.

Detroit- An overbaked, stale, fancy iced gingerbread man. Traditional, but very hard to swallow.

Florida- A just above-average slightly under-baked key lime pie, with an extra sour lime slice on top. It seems like the recipe you got from the computer is not as good as it claims to be.

Montreal- A soggy Croquembouche with really awesome sugar work and really salty crème in the choux pastry.

Ottawa- A lingonberry heart with a solid base, and a perfect lingonberry jam, but a cracked top layer that is being masked by too much powdered sugar.

Tampa Bay- a broken legged, fancy iced Gingerbread man that is perfectly baked.

Toronto – Way under baked molasses cookies that need about 2-3 minutes more in the oven just to be considered edible, and yet everybody refuses to shut up about how good they will be when they're done.


Chicago- Annoyingly perfect gingersnaps that everyone loves, but only recently.

Colorado- The edges are cooked but the middle is still completely raw pound cake. They try to say it’s cooked, but it’s not.

Dallas- A slightly under baked melted snowman cookies with perfect icing

Minnesota- Slightly over baked spritz cookies with green and red sprinkles.

Nashville – Bourbon Pecan Pie with a crumbly crimped edge

St. Louis- A nearly perfect chocolate chip cookie, yet never the favorite at the office party.

Winnipeg- An organic trail mix cookie that says it’s better than other cookies, but really it’s just a recipe from Atlanta.


Anaheim – A perfectly iced cookie that is burnt and bitter underneath.

Arizona – A white chocolate macadamia nut cookie; individually the ingredients are amazing but together they don’t meet expectations, and small groups of people are extremely mad about it.

Calgary – Slightly over soaked rum balls that make everything a bit more fun

Edmonton – A lace cookie that is almost done; it just needs like, 30 more seconds, which we've said every time we've baked it for the past six years.

LA – annoyingly average iced vanilla cake that tries to be a sponge cake but only because of the pan they use.

San Jose- A beautiful pound cake, baked perfectly for the first time in three years.

Vancouver- An underbaked gingersnap with blobs of ginger and spices not mixed in properly. Yet the baker insists that they’ve got the winning recipe.