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#PhoenixJar Update: Preseason Wrap-up

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Guys... it's just the preseason...

Hello to the first wrap up for the #phoenixjar! Not sure what the Phoenix Jar is? Read about it here

Firstly, with a heavy heavy heart I want to let everyone know Gus passed away last Thursday the 29th.

His mom has requested in lieu of flowers and such to donate to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation.

For the last week it has been very rough for me to keep track of what has been happening but I love the followers who are tweeting @PhoenixJar or using the #phoenixjar hashtag.

The Offenders Of the Week

To one of the Refs at the Anaheim/Coyotes game on Saturday the 1st of October- $1

To the guys at NHLN during the Frozen Fury with LA and Dallas, It's Arizona now:  $3 (I got 3 notifications for it)

To Sportsnet Pacific: You get fined $60 because of mispronouncing players names. It's Rah-deem Vr-Bah-Tah and Louis Domingue. Plus other names and things.

To the guys who made the graphics for the ASU/ND Game: It's Arizona State. Not Minnesota... $2.

Shoutout to Second City Hockey for calling out a Phoenix. $1 to that guy.

Adam Wylde: Guys you know it's Arizona. $2 in the jar.

John Shannon from SportsNet Hockey Central at Noon: That's going to be $5, sir. I know you don't LIKE Arizona but... come on now.

And finally Greg Wyshynski also owes a $1 from the newest episode of Marek Vs Wysh.

So the grand total for the preseason is:


You can donate directly to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation at the link provided. Note that it is for Gus and the Phoenix Jar, take a screen cap and share it! Leave it here in the comments, at @Five4Howling and @PhoenixJar and leave it for us.

It's just the first, lets see where we can go.

If you see new stardust in the sky, that's Gus saying hello.