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The Phoenix Jar: official rules of the season

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With the season about to start, it’s time for a proper rules post for the Phoenix Jar.

Skyonair, Stanley Cup of Chowder

In the two previous posts about the #PhoenixJar, we told the story of why, and called out people who owe money.

But to recap:

Gus was 7 years old when he died from a rare brain cancer called Ependymoma. Last year, I started the project to try and help the cause. This year, I want us to donate to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation. This is the direct link to donate.

If you donate, please note in the name of Gus, via the Phoenix Jar and screen cap it. That way I can share all of the love and donations with his mother at the end of the season.

Now I’m going to outline the rules for the year!

$1 if you hear a ref/tv/podcaster say Phoenix instead of Arizona.

$1 if names are mispronounced .

$1 for every misprint in blog or paper has Phoenix and not Arizona.

$1 if you hear someone in public saying it, or someone’s name wrong.

And Tippett is just going to owe money on when he says Rieder all season.

In Conclusion...

So far the Preseason has a total of $75! Click here for details on who owes the money!

Please pass this around and lets make it big! Let’s celebrate Gus by donating money to a charity fighting to stop his type of cancer.

If you see new star dust in the sky, that’s Gus. Please say hello.