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COG Vs Arizona Coyotes Round 3: Exhaustion

The ongoing Glendale Saga is just that, a Saga. Exhaustion is starting to set in for fans and everyone else.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to talk about it but I’m going to talk about it.

I know we’re all tired of talking about Glendale vs The Coyotes, and I want to make it to at least the regular season before we talk about this train wreck again.

But we need to talk about it after The Coyotes have stated that they will not participate in Request for Proposals for new arena managers.

Recently, I had a conversation with Leafs Blogger Steve Dangle about this. I brought up that he had been around for almost all of the Glendale Drama™. He asked if there was any way The Coyotes could play anywhere else. Others have mentioned US Airways Arena (soon to be Talking Stick Resort Arena) sharing with the Suns. Or everyone’s favorite theory, a new arena over by Talking Stick Resort on the SRP-MIC reservation.

Everyone is putting their own opinions out onto the internet because no one knows what’s going to happen.

You can speculate forever, but until they put out what is actually an option, it’s just that, speculation.

IceArizona could have left in June, after the first round of this started in the off season.

IceArizona keep repeating "Committed to Glendale, Committed to Arizona, Committed to Hockey in the Desert".

Committed, Committed, Committed.

Round and round we go.

I’m tired of defending myself when I say I am a Coyotes fan.

I’m tired of hearing that I do not deserve a team in the Valley to cheer for.

I’m tired of being told that they should just move because it’s obvious that people do not care about the team.

It’s hard to know where things are going.

But we always talk about how the Coyotes are going to try to react to Glendale.

Glendale in and of itself… That’s just a migraine that won’t go away.

It’s obvious that the Glendale City Council would rather have the team out sooner rather than later, which is not going to help the City.

Posted on September 17th on twitter was a card from Councilmember Bart Turner by our own Ben Shroyer.

Bart Turner Bulletin

From Ben Shroyer's twitter

Let that sink in for a moment.

I’m not here to debate the numbers about how much he is saying the City will be saving. That will take more time and research to see if those numbers are even realistic.

What has got me scratching my head is the last bit. They are looking to find new arena management, this isn’t news.

The part that is making me question rationality of the council is the last two sentences of the bulletin.

"Additionally, the city now has the option to assume management of the arena beginning as soon as July 1, 2016, which should result in additional savings to Glendale taxpayers and potentially more events at our arena throughout the year."

This feels like they have made up their minds and are just going to take over in July with or without a new management company.

"The Coyotes are guaranteed to play In Glendale this season and next, and the City and the Coyotes are committed to exploring together the possibility of the team in Glendale as tenants in our arena for any number of years to come."

This doesn’t have the same tone as the sentence above. Also, the wording in that last bit, "possibility of the team in Glendale as tenants in our arena for any number of years to come." Any number of years? If it was any other city, I would assume it is a typo, but this isn’t the typical situation.

This isn't going to end any time soon. This will be a storyline that follows the team and any actions of the city for the foreseeable future.

Many fans are waiting for Opening night in October. I think the next big deadline fans will be dreading isn't the Trade Deadline, but when Glendale can start notifying IceArizona that they are no longer the management company.

That will be the next big deal and all fans can do is speculate and wait.