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Five For Howling needs new writers!

Five For Howling is looking for more help in advance of the upcoming 2015-16 season! Could the right person be you?

Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Coyotes are embarking on a rebuild. Similarly, Five For Howling is looking for fresh new faces to to add to our existing writing staff. We have a variety of roles and positions to fill, and if you think you are the right person for one (or multiple), we want you!

Content Editor

Know the Elements of Style from front to back? Haven't seen the red squiggly line in Microsoft Word since 2002? We want you!

Primary responsibilities would be to periodically (and sometimes on request) review future articles for spelling, grammar, organization, fluency, and ensure they are scheduled in a timely and consistent fashion.

Gameday Content Contributor

SB Nation sites are among the best on the Internet at delivering game previews, recaps, and other tidbits during the NHL season. The Gameday Content Contributor helps bring all of the day's action to audiences around the world.

Primary responsibilities include preparing game previews 12 hours or more in advance of a given day, ensuring Gameday threads are scheduled and formatted properly, and producing recaps of the evening's action in a timely manner.

Anybody is encouraged to apply, but media content experience - particularly Vines, Gifs, and other easily shareable videos - is a tremendous asset.

Springfield Falcons Contributor

With the remarkable infusion of talent the Arizona Coyotes have on the way, the team's AHL affiliate is going to have a number of future Desert Dogs. We are looking for someone who can provide regular updates, breaking news, roster transactions, and analysis for the Springfield Falcons.

The position may be filled by anybody, but interested candidates in the Springfield area are especially encouraged to apply. Many sites on the SB Nation network have been able to secure media access to minor league and developmental league teams in the past. While we cannot guarantee the same for you, we will do our best to make it happen.

Community Media Manager

Social media engagement can be tricky. We're looking for individuals who can manage our social media outlets - particularly Twitter & Facebook, as well as curate some of our daily Links posts.

The Community Media Manager will be granted access to Five For Howling's various accounts, and would be responsible for engaging and promoting Five For Howling in the Coyotes community and around the social media universe.

Interested candidates will also be asked to regularly produce morning Tracks from a variety of SB Nation sites and sites around the hockey world. He/she will also be expected to interact with and moderate Five For Howling's comment sections.

Rapid City Rush Contributor

Though it's tougher to make it to the NHL from the ECHL, there are many storylines to follow up in Rapid City. The team has catapulted from the old CHL to the ECHL in just a few years time, and finally gained its first NHL affiliate in Arizona.

As with the Springfield contributor position, interested candidates in or near Rapid City are especially encouraged to apply. And similarly, we will make every effort to secure media access to the Rush should you be willing to engage in the undertaking.

Editorial/Commentary Contributor

Have a strongly held opinion about an issue in the hockey world? Have a unique or different perspective that you wish to share with the hockey community at large? Like arguing with other people? We want you!

The editorial/commentary contributor provides regular opinions about pressing issues in the Coyotes and hockey community - be they on the ice or off.

We are particularly interested in bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives to our staff. Should you believe this position is right for you, please be prepared to share with us what makes your point of you unique.


If any of these positions sound right for you, please send an email to Content contributors should also be prepared to either present previous work or utilize FFH's FanPost section to demonstrate their suitability for the position they choose to apply for.

Unfortunately we cannot offer paid positions, and we may choose not to fill every position as circumstances dictate. But if you are looking to get some experience in the sports journalism, communications, or social media industries, or are just a passionate hockey fan who wants to share their love of the game with others, we want you!

UPDATE: Applications have now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!