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Should the Arizona Coyotes consider Martin Erat or David Moss?

Should the Arizona Coyotes consider returning either forward next season?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Coyotes are "rebuilding", or "getting younger," whatever you want to call it. Their playoff chances in the West next year are remote at best, and given the positive developments in Edmonton, they are probably the odds-on favorite to finish last in the conference.

They most likely do not have to tank to secure a high pick in next year's draft and have a shot at selecting Auston Matthews. So why not get a few more quality NHLers to improve next year's win total? They do not even have to bring in new blood but rather retain two solid contributors from the past few seasons: David Moss and Martin Erat.

Last season Moss had a Corsi relative (the difference between shot attempts given up on the ice versus when the player was on the bench) of 1.3 and Erat had a mark of 14.8 (ranking 18th among all NHL forwards that played at least 20 games). Given that they both were not sheltered in the competition they played or in zone starts, their ability to drive possession was notable.

Martin Erat probably cannot be counted on to be such an elite possession player, especially as he ages, but this season was no anomaly as he has posted positive corsi rels in every year since 2007 except one. In addition, he can provide adequate secondary scoring.

His first assist numbers the last two years have been above average, a good sign of playmaking ability.  He is not far removed from being one of the top scoring threats in Nashville and the guy Washington was willing to give up for Filip Forsberg.

Moss will not provide the same amount of scoring as Erat does but he has proven to be a consistently positive possession player. In all seasons and playoff games since 2007, Moss has never posted a negative relative corsi.  He can also kill penalties and shut down the other team's top line.

While these players both provide desireable skill sets, their real value will come in how much they should cost.Arizona could probably retain them both for one year at $4 million or less.

If they do then they will have two reliable veteran presences that can occupy spots until younger players are prepared to take over.  Erat and Moss might even fetch some draft picks at the deadline if a contender wants to add them.