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City of Glendale Asks Court to Deny Coyotes July Lease Payment

The City of Glendale went to court yesterday to try and get its next lease payment to the Coyotes nixed.

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The City of Glendale (COG) returned to Maricopa Superior Court yesterday to attempt to convince Judge Dawn Bergin to amend the temporary restraining order (TRO) she imposed on June 12th. The city asked the court to either let it not make its 3.75 million dollar lease payment due on July 1st, or failing that, to allow the city to put the money in an escrow account.

If the court forces Glendale to make the payment, the city is asking for the Coyotes bond in the case to be raised to four million dollars from the original bond of two hundred fifty thousand dollars, so the money is secured if the city wins the case.

Below are links to the motion and the exhibits Glendale submitted to the court. We have reorganized the exhibits into chronological order, added in a number of links to help flesh out the timeline, and attempted to provide a bit of context for each.

EXHIBIT B – April , 2010, MOU between IceEdge and the City

The original MOU document submitted by IceEdge and worked on by then COG Attorney, Craig Tindall.

EXHIBIT C – April 13, 2010, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Tindall's discussion of the Reinsdorf Deal with Anthony LeBlanc and a "gag order" on Daryl Jones.

EXHIBIT P – May 18, 2010, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Discussion about working out a deal with Steve E. (We assume this refers to former Coyotes owner Steve Ellman). We also assume the Grant referred to in the correspondence by LeBlanc is attorney Grant Woods.

EXHIBIT N – March , 2011, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Tindall and LeBlanc mostly talking about another potential investment deal, but briefly mention the IceEdge Deal.

EXHIBIT Q – October 31, 2011, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Tindall and LeBlanc discuss the weather, Leblanc's failed attempt to get elected in a provincial election, and a possible re-entry into the Coyotes deal.

EXHIBIT E – January 17, 2012, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Tindall and LeBlanc schedule to meet for coffee.

EXHIBIT M - March 1, 2012, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Lakehead Yale Sports Holdings (what was then IceEdge) now discuss a "Plan B" for the arena.

EXHIBIT O – March 5, 2012, email correspondence between Mayor Scruggs & City Manager Ed Beasley

An email from former Mayor Scruggs, trying to setup an Executive session to discuss "Plan B". This is essentially a follow-up chain to Exhibit M.

EXHIBIT D – December 17, 2012, email correspondence between Tindall and LeBlanc

Tindall and LeBlanc discuss football.

3/1/13 Tindall resigns

Tindall resigns as Glendale's attorney.

4/1/13 Tindall signs severance agreement,

And in paragraph six, the city "hereby waives any conflict..."

5/28/13 Renaissance sports (IceArizona) is granted rights to broker a deal with the city.

Ice Arizona begins working on the deal.

EXHIBIT H – June 25, 2013, email correspondence from Acting City Manager

The First mention of Renaissance, the group which eventually becomes Ice Arizona. No mention of Tindall.

EXHIBIT I – June 26, 2013, email correspondence from Frisoni to members of City Council

Deal comparison points forwarded to COG council member Gary Sherwood from then COG Communications Director Julie Frisoni.

EXHIBIT J – June 26, 2013, email correspondence from Frisoni to members of City Council

Talking points sent to COG Council member Sam Chavira.

6/27/13 Deal drafted and submitted to the city.

Deal crafted between the dates of May 28th 2013 and June 27th 2013.

EXHIBIT K – June 28, 2013, Tindall correspondence to members of City Council

The "Smoking gun" email (as some have called it). Tindall had long since resigned but was still on retainer, he responds to an email on two deal points.

EXHIBIT L – June 30, 2013, email correspondence from Frisoni to members of City Council

More talking points relayed to members of city council, this time from Westgate merchants.

EXHIBIT F – July 2, 2013, email correspondence from Tindall to members of City Council

A forward of an amended agreement to two CMs

7/3/13 Agreement passes 4-3

Mayor Weiers and Vice Mayor Hugh were both 'Nay' votes.

7/25/13 State Bar dismisses complaint against Tindall

The complaint was brought forward by former council member Phil Lieberman.

EXHIBIT G – July 26, 2013, email correspondence from Tindall to Brenda Fischer

Tindall provides guidance after the deal was approved, but not closed from a financial standpoint.

8/18/13 Tindall's Hiring announced by Coyotes, as teams general council

"Is it going to create problems? I hope not," Weiers said.

8/19/13 Frisoni named interim assistant city manager

She was previously the city's communications manager.

2/6/14 City appoints Frisoni as one of two assistant city managers

The interim tag gets removed.

3/26/15 Frisoni resigns

"Frisoni said she is leaving to start her own public relations company."

Frisoni hired as PR rep for IIHF World Juniors Bid.

Frisoni was hired as an independent consultant due to her experience with NCAA and Superbowl bids.

EXHIBIT A - City of Glendale, June 10, 2015, City Council Meeting Summary Minutes

The summary minutes of the special voting meeting to discontinue their agreement with IceArizona by a vote of 5-2.

6/12/15 The Coyotes go to court to get a temporary restraining order against Glendale

The judge grants the temporary restraining order (TRO).

6/18/15 Glendale's motion to amend the TRO.

Yesterday's motion.

We will have more detailed analysis of the content of these emails and their implications on the case IceArizona has against the City over the next few days. But we won't get any more formal clarity on this issues at hand until the two sides meet again in Maricopa County Superior Court at the end of June.