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Coyotes future in question again as Glendale City Council calls Wednesday vote

The City will explore canceling their lease and management agreement with the Coyotes, a move that would again thrust the team's Arizona future into doubt.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Here we go again.

The City of Glendale announced Tuesday evening that they will hold a special meeting Wednesday, where they will vote on whether to terminate the Coyotes lease deal at Gila River Arena. The news came just hours after team officials met with representatives from the City, and subsequently held a "state of the team" press conference in which they signaled no issues.

The team is less than pleased about the development, as you might imagine.

"This action by the City of Glendale is completely ludicrous," team president Anthony LeBlanc said, "especially in light of the fact that myself and Andrew Barroway visited with the City yesterday and the particulars of this were never raised. In fact, we to this moment have not been advised of this other than the notification on the City website."

"The City of Glendale is displaying a complete lack of good faith, business acumen or an understanding of a business partnership. We want to reassure our great fans that the Arizona Coyotes are committed to Glendale and playing at Gila River Arena."

A public notice on Glendale's website outlining the details of the special meeting says that the City will explore options for termination of the agreement with IceArizona, the owners of the Coyotes, who are currently paid by the City to manage the city-owned Arena.

The basis of the City's argument hinges on a state statute that says governments can end contracts that are less than three years old if a person who helped negotiate on behalf of the government becomes an employee of the other party involved. The AP points out that former Glendale attorney Craig Tindall now works for the Coyotes, and that could be the lever the City is trying to pull here.

This vote will take place Wednesday night at 6 p.m. local time. Elsewhere at that time, the NHL world will be focused on Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final in Chicago.

In just about two weeks, the Coyotes are expected to select third overall at the NHL Draft in Florida. That will happen with yet another cloud hanging over this team.