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Arizona Coyotes to debut new jerseys on Draft Day

The Coyotes are expected to unveil new home and road jerseys, as well as the possibility of a Kachina-style throwback alternate jersey, on the day of the 2015 NHL Draft.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Coyotes are planning on revealing new home and road uniforms and presumably a new third jersey to be used for the 2015-16 season on the day of the 2015 NHL Draft.

Per the team's announcement, it appears the Coyotes are indeed looking at new home and road jerseys for the upcoming season. We also know the "running coyote" alternate logo is gone as well, and according to one source familiar with the team the Coyotes could use its original black Kachina throwback uniforms as its official replacement going forward.

The actual concept of the home/road jerseys is not yet known—but hockey fans in the Valley will indeed be treated to a new look for the home team at Gila River Arena for the 2015-16 season.

There was also one report back in June suggesting the team could consider changing its primary logo as well, making for a complete franchise redesign.

There are a myriad of choices the Coyotes could use for its new regular jerseys. Even if the team were to change its primary logo, there is precedent for such an announcement of Draft Day. The Dallas Stars did the same thing just two years ago.

Though we may not see a radical change in concept from what the team has now, the aesthetically inclined hockey enthusiasts at Icethetics submitted an interesting concept for a total redesign:



Of course, the Coyotes could choose to just make a simple change to the jerseys they already have. Perhaps the biggest criticism of the team's current threads is a lack of waist stripe. Here's another design from Icethetics on a subtler change, tapping into the Kachina roots as well:



However, if the Coyotes are indeed going full Kachina for its third jersey, the team could elect to implement a color scheme similar to the one in the first picture, while retaining the current logo as the primary look.

It would seem the Coyotes are fairly set on keeping Sedona Red as its primary color, per a source, which isn't exactly a shock.

This year's NHL Draft will be held on June 26-27 in Sunrise, Fla., the home of the Florida Panthers.