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Join our Five For Howling NHL Bracket Challenge!

Join us!

Our bracket may not be that impressive, but whatever.
Our bracket may not be that impressive, but whatever.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We won't be seeing postseason hockey in Glendale this year. But there's still plenty of reasons for Arizona Coyotes fans to tune in. We here at Five For Howling are very happy to take part in the NHL's Bracket Challenge once again!

You can join our league here.

If you didn't play last season, the rules are pretty simple. Pick the winners of each series, and the number of games that series will go. You receive points based on 1) if you correctly predict the outcome, and 2) if you correctly guess the series length.

At the end of the playoffs, points will be tallied up and our league will have a winner. The winner of the FFH league will have an article topic of their choosing written by the FFH staff shortly after the Stanley Cup is awarded. It can be about anything, whether it's Coyotes related or just about hockey in general.

So join the fun this postseason, and join the FFH Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge League!