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Could Martin Hanzal go to New York?

Would the Coyotes be willing to part with Martin Hanzal?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Don Maloney has expressed that no player on the Arizona Coyotes (save Shane Doan, of course) is off-limits. While Antoine Vermette has gotten the lion's share of media attention, Martin Hanzal has steadily emerged as a potential target.

Case in point:

In fact, more than one Rangers site has raised the possibility of New York as a destination for the Coyotes' center. While there's a difference between smoke and fire with regards to an actual trade, there are more than a few reasons why Hanzal could be an appealing trade target.

Hanzal's primary advantage over Vermette is his youth. At 27, Hanzal is a full five years younger than Vermette. Hanzal also has two more years under contract with a cap hit of $3.5M, which is slightly below Vermette's current $3.75M cap hit. So a team that acquired Hanzal would have a lot more control over his future than they would over Vermette's.

Hanzal has also been a positive Corsi For Percentage player in all save one season for Arizona. This year, he's performing at 52.7% on a team that is in the bottom third of the NHL for possession statistics.

There are a few downsides to Hanzal over Vermette though. Hanzal has yet to play a full season in the NHL; the closest he's come was an 81 game campaign in 2009-10. Additionally, his possession numbers are better, but his scoring totals are not. His career shooting percentage is just 8.8%, where Vermette's shooting percentage is 12.8%. So Hanzal might be better at generating shot attempts, but Vermette has been better at making them count.

Overall, Hanzal would be more of a long-term acquisition than a rental player. That also means that Hanzal would demand a higher price than Vermette would. Although Don Maloney has said almost everybody is on the table, it would take a pretty good offer to make GMDM part with his shutdown center.