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Antoine Vermette traded to Chicago for Dahlbeck and 1st round pick

The Arizona Coyotes have traded Antoine Vermette to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Antoine Vermette, considered by many to be the Arizona Coyotes' most coveted trade asset, is a Coyote no longer.

The center was traded earlier this evening to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for defensemen Klas Dahlbeck and a 2015 1st round draft pick, according to multiple reports.

Vermette's versatility at the center position is what has made him so intriguing for many teams. He has 13 goals and 22 assists on the season, and had 25 goals last year. Additionally, Vermette has won 58.5% of the faceoffs he's taken this season (766 out of 1309), which suggests he is well suited as a workman-esque center.

There are some issues with his game however. Vermette's Corsi For Percentage at even-strength is just 47.5%, and his CorsiRel% is -2.1% on a Coyotes team that is in the bottom third of the league in possession. His HERO chart bears that out:

Vermette HERO

Part of Vermette's issues likely stem from playing minutes as a first line center, which he really ought not to be playing. With Jonathan Toews and Brad Richards down the middle, he won't be playing those kinds of minutes, so his numbers may pick up a little bit.

Overall, Antoine Vermette should be a solid depth pickup for a team already missing Patrick Kane and still looking to remain in the hunt for the Stanley Cup. We'll have more on who's coming to the Valley in Vermette's place, as well as how the trade will affect the Coyotes' draft strategy tomorrow.