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Arizona Coyotes to host Girls Hockey Appreciation Night on December 17th

The Coyotes are holding a truly awesome promotion to celebrate women's hockey in Arizona.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Women's hockey has taken major strides in recent years with the creation of two professional leagues. The Arizona Coyotes will have a promotion at the end of December recognizing those strides.

The Coyotes announced late last week that they will host a Girls Hockey Appreciation Night at Gila River Arena on December 17th when the Coyotes play the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Highlights of the event include a pre-game Q&A with Chandler native and Sochi Olympics silver-medalist Lyndsey Fry, complimentary tickets to the game for any female hockey players 19 or under, on-ice photos, and much much more.

It's hard not to like what the Coyotes are doing here. This is a great opportunity to highlight the rapid growth of women's hockey both in the United States and in Arizona specifically. The team is giving tremendous exposure and access to women's hockey players in the state, which hopefully creates new fans as well as inspires other young women to take up hockey. As Coyotes fans can attest, any growth of the game is good growth.

It's good to see that the Coyotes are celebrating girls hockey in Arizona. Let's hope that this is only the first of many great efforts by the Coyotes to show that hockey truly is for everyone.