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Arizona Coyotes roundtable: All aboard the Max Domi hype train

The FFH crew discusses Max Domi, Andrew Barroway and the future of the Coyotes in net and up front.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images
What the heck should the Coyotes do in net from here?

Brendan Porter: Start Dubnyk. And Smith. Preferably at the same time. Heck, give McKenna or Visentin a shot at regular time. Can't be much worse, right?

Christopher Hair: Pray that Sean Burke can still lace 'em up.

Seth Juneac: I like the idea of facing the net away from center ice. That should help a little bit.

Will any Coyote score 20 goals or 50 points by season's end?

Joey Versen: I think Yandle is a lock for 50 points, but I don't see anybody having a 20-goal season unless Vermette stays for the rest of the year.

Seth: Oliver Ekman-Larsson leading the team in goals wouldn't surprise me, and Yandle is all but a lock to get to 50 points. But I'll be the optimist and say that Gagner's recent pace isn't a mirage and he reaches 50. Hanzal has a good shot too.

Brendan: I'll go out on a bit of a limb here: Oliver Ekman-Larsson will score 20 goals and Keith Yandle will record 50 points before the year ends.

Do you think Andrew Barroway's addition helps or hurts the Coyotes long term?

Christopher: Mo money does not always equal mo problems. His addition is a good thing.

Brendan: Long-term, the only thing that matters is if the owners have the money to build and sustain a championship organization. Barroway seems to have that money. Whether or not the franchise's future is in Arizona remains an open question though.

Joey: An infusion of capital seems like a good thing to me. If Barroway is being honest about his long-term plans for the organization, I see no reason not to be optimistic.

Is Max Domi the most anticipated prospect in Coyotes (just AZ) history?

Seth: I don't think there's a doubt. If I had to name someone, Oliver Ekman-Larsson was an exciting prospect by my memory after being taken sixth overall in 2009. Even if it was a short gestation period.

Christopher: From a sense of time, yes. No other big time prospect has had his gestation period. Turris and Boedker both played right away and OEL and Gormley being d-men weren't as touted. The Domi train is real, get on it.

Joey: At this point I think so. Given the success he continues to have in the OHL and now at the WJC, the Domi Hype Train is moving at full speed. Choo choo!! Consider me on board!