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39 rejected names for the Arizona Coyotes' Gila River Arena

New, comments Arena will be renamed Gila River Arena, but it could have easily been called something else.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Coyotes came to terms on a nine-year partnership with Gila River Casinos on Wednesday, that includes naming rights for Arena. If approved by the Glendale City Council, the new name should be in place by the start of training camp.

The name change will be the third for the arena originally called Glendale Arena. The new name is less awkward than the previous one and represents yet another piece in the puzzle of what the Coyotes look like under the ownership of IceArizona.

However, the name could have been much different.

With 39 days until the preseason begins, the Five For Howling staff presents the 39 arena names that were rejected before settling on Gila River Arena:


1.     My Water Bill Is Too High Arena

2.     Marty Robbins Memorial Coliseum sponsored by the Tohono O'odham Casino Entertainment District

3.     Glendale's Got Game Arena

4.     Swift Stadium

5.     Referendum Recreation Center

6.     Quebecor Arena

7.     The Great One

8.     The House That Ellman Built

9.     The House That Bettman Rented

10.   Barnett's Bunker

11.   Out Clause Arena

12.  That One Arena Next To The Cardinals

13.  The Arena Formerly Known As Glendale

14.  We Prefer To Think Of It As Half Full Arena

15.  Hey Canada, Buzz Off The Team Isn't Moving Arena

16.  At Least We're Not Camelback Ranch Arena

17.  Moyes' Mansion

18.  Failed Prospects Park

19.  TRUMP

20.  It's A Dry Heat Arena

21.  If You Build It, They Will Come (From Western Canada) Arena

22.  ˈHē-lə River Arena

23. Tim Horton's Coffee Shop

24. The Norma Alvarez Action Center

25.  The House Next To Yard House

26.  It's Always Sunny In Phoenix Arena

27.  Look We Know Traffic On The I-10 Sucks On Weekdays, Especially If You Work In The East Valley, But We Really Need You To Show Up Or At Least Buy Tickets Arena

28.  The Bankruptcy Bunker

29.  Ribeiro's Retreat

30.  The Arena Scottsdale Forgot

31.  Weires' Warehouse

32.  ACME Anvil Arena

33.  It's Not 115° In Here Arena

34.  What Else Is There To Do In Glendale Arena

35.  @GlendaleLive

36.  Goldwater Institute For The Advancement of Hockey Stadium

37.  Tanger Inlet Mall

38.  Coyotes Creditors Center

39. Arena