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Arizona Sundogs offseason update

The Arizona Sundogs have been active this offseason, signing players and keeping their name in the media by running a season-ticket selling campaign for the second year in a row.

Last year, Sundogs' players and management were hoisted in the air until 300 new season-tickets were sold. This year, the team buried their majority owner and general manager in a dumpster in the ground until the same goal was achieved.

Arizona focused on the more serious side of the offseason as well, having already signed seven players to the roster for the 2014-2015 season.

Kevin Baker (F)

The 6'1" Ontario native is returning to Arizona for his second full season. Baker was acquired by the Sundogs with 10 games remaining in the 2012-2013 season. In 2012-2013, Kevin had 14 pts (8g/6a), a +6 +/- rating, 6 PIMs, and 50 SOG. In 2013-2014, Baker scored 64 pts (34g/30a), a -1 +/- rating, 34 PIMs, and 262 SOG in 65 games.

Jordan Clendenning (C)

Clendenning played his first season with the Sundogs last year. The Fredericton, Nebraska native had 25 pts (8g/17a), a -13 +/- rating, 96 PIMs, and 73 SOG in 49 games

Michael Couch (D)

The Nova Scotia native came to Arizona by way of a trade last season. The 6'4" defenseman had 4 pts (4a), a -8 +/- rating, 16 PIMs, and 40 SOG in 32 games.

Berkley Scott (F)

The 23 year-old comes to the Sundogs for his first season in the CHL Previously, The 6'3" forward has spent time in both the ECHL and SPHL.

Mike Trebish (D)

The second-year pro came to the Sundogs by way of trade last season. The 6', 193-lb defenseman had 10 pts (10a), a +14 +/- rating, 76 PIMs, and 59 SOG in 56 games.

Alex Tuckerman (F)

The 5'11" Orleans, Mass. native acquired 13 pts (5g/8a), a +8 +/- rating, 53 PIMs, and 55 SOG in 36 games last season with Arizona.

Matt White (F)

The 6'2" Pennsylvania native will be playing his rookie season with the Sundogs. White has played the last four seasons with the University of Vermont.

Remaining Needs

While there are still 13 spots to fill on the roster, the most pressing need for Arizona is a strong goalie between the pipes. In the past eight years, the Sundogs have had success with a steady, focused presence in net. Arizona has done a great job already in returning important players to their ice, but the focus must now be on a goalie.

CHL Rule Changes

The CHL League Meetings have recently concluded and there were two major changes announced for the upcoming season. Overtime will be played 3-on-3 instead of 4-on-4 as in the previous seasons. Should there be penalties incurred, the teams will skate 4-on-3 or 5-on-3 as the situation warrants.

The second change was in regards to fighting majors. If a player acquires two fighting majors in a game, he will be given a game-misconduct. If the second fighting major is given during a fight where the opposing player receives an instigator penalty, the game misconduct will be waived.

The 2014-2015 regular season will begin on Friday October 24, 2014 and conclude on Sunday April 5, 2015.