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Building the perfect NHL team

FFH wants you to build the best team possible under the salary cap.

Gregory Shamus

What would you do with $69 million dollars? Buy Saku Koivu's mansion, a giant Dallas Stars boat or a money phone? None of those things would satisfy as much as running your very own NHL team for a season. Five for Howling is going to give you that chance, sort of.

After the overwhelming positive support for the inaugural FFH Armchair GM Challenge, we want to give our readers another chance at winning the prize of a personalized article, but this time, there are far less restrictions. Fill your roster with the best players in the league and make your very own All-Star team under the NHL's salary cap.

Just like last time, we will pick a handful of the best lineups and run them through a simulator. The lineup with the best record will be named the winner of the challenge and gets to make someone on our staff write a story of the winner's choosing. Do you think advanced stats are overrated? Make Jaime Eisner or Brendan Porter write a story about why fancy stats are dumb, have a player of your choosing profiled or come up with another topic - the choice is yours.

All you have to do is make your lineup within the simple parameters of the rules below and post the link to your lineup in the comment section below.


  • Must have a full 23-man roster including 21 skaters and 2 goaltenders.
  • Must not exceed the NHL cap payroll of $69 million.
  • No offer sheets or trading for RFAs. If an RFA is not signed, he is off limits.
  • You may not have other teams retain salary nor cut a player and sign them for less money. ALL current salaries are non-negotiable.
  • If you would like to sign a UFA, you must sign them at their default price in the system, which is their last contract.


  • There is no way to remove the cap hit of a regularly bought-out player, so we suggest you pick a team to host your lineup without any regular buyouts (i.e. almost anyone other than the Coyotes).
  • You may trade for any and all players (within rules above). Trades do not have to be realistic.
  • Set the forward lines and D pairings as you would like them to be simulated

Get started on making your teams and post them in the comment section below! Contest will close on July 31st.