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Arizona Coyotes Armchair GM challenge

The FFH team wants to see you create next season's perfect lineup.

Christian Petersen

Everybody wants to be their favorite team's general manger. Signing players, trading players, slotting players into positions of need, heck, we at FFH discuss those very things every day. Since there are only 30 of those jobs in the NHL, it is unlikely that you or I will ever be sitting in a GM's chair.

But through the magical powers of the internet and the wonderful folks over at Cap Geek, fans can be GM for a day through their Armchair GM section.

We want you to make the perfect Arizona Coyotes lineup for the 2014-15 season!

We will pick a handful of the best lineups and run them through a simulator. The lineup with the best record will be named the winner of the FFH challenge and get to make one of our writers write a story of the winner's choosing. Do you think advanced stats are overrated? Make Jaime Eisner or Brendan Porter write a story about why fancy stats are dumb. Never a fan of David Rundblad or Andy Miele? Make Carl Pavlock write about how their departures are best for the team. Or come up with another topic - the choice is yours.

All you have to do is make your lineup within the parameters of the rules below and post the link to your lineup in the comment section below. We will post some of the lineups on FFH throughout the week.


  • Must have a full 23-man roster including 21 skaters and 2 goaltenders
  • Must not exceed a cap payroll of $59 million
  • You may not trade away or for a player with a current NMC or NTC (i.e. you may not trade, buy out or cut Doan, Erat or Smith)
  • You may not trade for any player still on an ELC or an unsigned RFA
  • No offer sheets
  • You may not have other teams retain salary
  • Otherwise, any other current player in Cap Geek's system is eligible
  • Your payroll must include Mike Ribeiro's buyout.
  • If you choose to sign free agents, you must sign them at the default salary listed, which comes from their last contract
  • Set the forward lines and D pairings as you would like them to be simulated
  • When completed, make sure to name and publish your roster using "FFH" at the end and post the link in the comment section below.
  • Contest ends on July 19th