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Five questions previewing Stars vs Coyotes games with Defending Big D

The Coyotes and the Stars matchup twice this week, including tonight at Arena. Defending Big D Managing Editor Brad Gardner joins us answer five questions about the Stars.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Q. The trade for Tyler Seguin seems to be working out well (54 points in 53 games). What does his bring to the Stars that the team may have lacked in the past?

A: Speed. Star power. A number-one center. Stability (he's signed for quite a while at a reasonable rate for what he's doing...). Also speed. His chemistry with Jamie Benn was instant. He's not produced even a whiff of off the ice problems. It was painful to lose Loui Eriksson, but it looks like Jim Nill got his guy. And he just turned 22.

Q: After Jamie Benn and Seguin, there is a huge drop off in point totals among other Stars. Is scoring an area GM Jim Nill needs to address?

A: It is a huge concern. Cody Eakin is not a number-two center. I think he's turning into a tremendous third-line center, and that's where they want him to be next season. Finding a number-two will be tough. If they can do that in the off-season, things slot around that a little easier. They have Peverley and Chiasson- They might need a better left wing top-six option. Ray Whitney was supposed to be that this year.

Q: Speaking of Whitney, how has former-Coyote performed this season? He was a key contributor to Phoenix's run to the WCF in 2012.

A: Ray Whitney was so great last year. All he did was produce. And it was sneaky. The man racked up points while he was sitting on the bench, having made a great pass in the neutral zone. This year it seems age has finally caught up with him. He has not fit well into the Stars' new philosophy (GO GO GO GO) and has seen his ice time taken by the likes of Ryan Garbutt and Antoine Roussel, simply because of speed. He hasn't been particularly effective on the power play either. A flash here or there- maybe against an old team of his tonight? Wouldn't you like that?

Q: In your opinion, who hosts an outdoor game first: Phoenix (Chase Field) or Arlington (AT&T Stadium)?

A: Tough. Very large buildings. Very southern and (currently) apathetic fan bases. If I'm the NHL, I'm looking at how I can fill the seats, because the TV and all of that is going to take care of itself. I'd like to think Dallas has a better shot, simply because of the potential ticket market and the much larger population, but we all know Señor Bettman has a special place in his heart for Arizona's Phoenix Coyotes of Arizona. Or whatever you're going to call them next year ;)

Q: On a scale of LA Kings fan to French Canadian, how much does Dallas' fan base loathe Shane Doan?

A: Shane Doan? You mean because he elbowed Jamie Benn in the face on March 20th, 2012? Oh, I don't know. On the whole I think we respect Shane Doan enough. Now that Radim Vrbata guy... we hate that guy. His 34 points against Dallas are his most against any opponent. Just back off, already!