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This Week in the Pacific Division: A look back at each team's greatest highlight from 2014

Some of the greatest plays in the Pacific Division in 2014

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's the final edition of 'This Week in the Pacific Division' of 2014, so let's take a look back at each team's greatest highlight from the season to this point to celebrate!

Anaheim Ducks (24-8-6)

Ryan Getzlaf does a little bit of everything, including taking out Niklas Kronwall (Editor's Note: Never a bad thing) on his way to the net to give the Ducks a 3-2 win over the Red Wings.

Vancouver Canucks (20-11-3)

Do you like puck handling right in front of the net? So does Radim Vrbata. If only...

Los Angeles Kings (18-12-7)

I am a fan of this Jeff Carter pass more than anything else.

San Jose Sharks (19-12-5)

I still really like this goal by Logan Couture because just about everything that you could ever want happens before it. A little dangle, a little post, and finally, a goal.

Calgary Flames (20-15-3)

My man crush on Johnny Gaudreau only got stronger after the way he got this puck into the zone, and then found Dennis Wideman in front of the net for the goal.

Arizona Coyotes (14-18-4)

Gonna go super-recent here because it has to be the Shane Doan exploding stick trick in the shootout, right?

Edmonton Oilers (7-22-7)

There was a week where Edmonton was actually undefeated (I know, I forgot that happened too). This is the highlight from that particular week.

Have a great New Year everyone and see you all back here in 2015!