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Arizona Coyotes Christmas roundtable

Merry Christmas and enjoy our roundtable discussion!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
What do you hope Hockey Santa puts under your tree this year?

Brendan Porter: A Draft Lottery win (hint hint, Gary Bettman).

Carl Pavlock: A time machine so I can travel back to the Western Conference Final playoff run and re-live that.

Carl Putnam: No. 97 for the Erie Otters.

What is the greatest hockey-related gift you have ever purchased or received?

Joey Versen: My dad bought me a foam claw at my first Yotes game at America West Arena. It's falling apart, but I still have it.

Seth Juneac: I got a personalized Coyotes hoodie a couple years ago for Christmas, and I still wear it pretty often. Some of the patches are starting to fall off.

Christopher Hair: I took my little to sister to her first game when she was two against the Detroit Red Wings. Nothing warms the heart like a two-year-old chanting "Dead Wings Suck" at the top of her lungs.

As a stocking stuffer, which player currently in the AHL would you like to see called up?

Ben Shroyer: A goalie -- is Louis Domingue healthy?

Jordan Ellel: Henrik Samuelsson -- I want to see if he can add net-front presence.

Jaime Eisner: I still believe Lucas Lessio has the most raw offensive talent of any Coyote in Portland. Although he was nothing special in his brief stint in Arizona earlier this season, I can see him filling a role in the top-9 before season's end.