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This Week in the Pacific Division: Oh Canada....

The three Canadian teams in the Pacific went winless this week.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadian teams of the Pacific Division had a rough go of it this week, going a combined 0-10-0. Part of that is scheduling, and part of that is Oilering.

The highlight of the week though comes from the Canucks and a very strange person at their charity event this past weekend. Here's a look at the division that is now controlled by the Ducks after they kept raging through teams that get in their way.

Anaheim Ducks (21-6-5, 3-0-0 this week)

Stud: Ryan Getzlaf. In each of the last two games for Anaheim this week, Getzlaf recorded a goal and an assist. He also dominated people in the faceoff circle this week to the tune of a 25-12 record combined.

Dud: Patient zero. It seems the NHL has a mumps problem these days, and it's Anaheim's fault. The league should take half of the Ducks' points away to bring them back to even with the Coyotes as a result of unleashing this thing that could have been fixed by giving people vaccines.

Highlight: Kyle Palmeiri scores just seven seconds into the second period against Edmonton here.

Vancouver Canucks (18-10-2, 0-2-0 this week)

Stud: Jannik Hansen. This is the only Canucks player to record multiple points this week (two assists). Not a great week for Vancouver. Just one goal in each of their games.

Dud: Ryan Miller. Another not-so-great week for Miller. Five goals allowed on 23 shots against the Rangers. Seven goals given up on 47 shots total this week.

Highlight: The Canucks had a SuperSkills fundraiser thing over the weekend, and you can watch all the videos from it in the playlist, but this is the only thing you need to know happened.

San Jose Sharks (17-11-4, 3-0-0 this week)

Stud: Joe Thornton. There were several stud-worthy guys for the Sharks this week, but Thornton will get the nod as he recorded two points in each of the three games (1 G, 5 A).

Dud: Andrew Desjardins. There were lots of points to go around, and Desjardins got none of them.

Highlight: This backhander by Joe Pavelski is ridiculous.

Los Angeles Kings (15-10-6, 1-2-1 this week)

Stud: Jake Muzzin. It was a tough stretch in the Northeast for the Kings, but Muzzin managed to get a goal and three assists in the middle two games.

Dud: Martin Jones. With all these games, Jones had to play in one, and he stunk. Six goals allowed on 20 shots against Montreal. At the other end in that game, Carey Price gave up just two goals on 46 shots.

Highlight: Justin Williams scores in bizarre fashion on this one.

Calgary Flames (17-13-2, 0-4-0 this week)

Stud: Jiri Hudler. Just like the Kings, the Flames had a long week on the road. Hudler managed to get a point in each of the last three games (1 G, 2 A).

Dud: Schedule. Toronto to Buffalo to Pittsburgh to Chicago in the span of five days. You knew a few losses were heading the Flames' way.

Highlight: Markus Granlund drives to the front of the net to score this power play goal against the Maple Leafs.

Arizona Coyotes (10-16-4, 0-1-1 this week)

Stud: Antoine Vermette. Two goals and an assist for Vermette. He led all forwards in TOI in both games as well.

Dud: Everyone else.

Highlight: This isn't exactly the best way to run a 3-on-1 break, but Lauri Korpikoski buries his own rebound to put the Coyotes up 3-2 over the Wild.

Edmonton Oilers (7-19-5, 0-4-0 this wekk)

Stud: Dallas Eakins. It may seem like getting fired as the head coach is a bad thing, but hey, he doesn't have to deal with this dumpster fire anymore.

Dud: 1-11-4. That is Edmonton's record since November 4th. That just seems crazy.

Highlight: Feel like Edmonton's been on the wrong side of a lot of these types of goals, so here's one that goes in their favor!

And that'll do it for this week. Keep on doin' you Canucks guy. May you cheer up an entire country that flat-out stunk this week.