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Coyotes Roundtable: Home is where the losses are

The FFH crew discusses home losses, Max Domi and the team's worst contract.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Will the Coyotes ever win at home again?

Brendan Porter: #HereComeTheOilers

Christopher Hair: Never say never, but NEVER again. At least not in 2014. I bet they don't win at Gila River until after the new year. I guess the house doesn't always win.

Seth Juneac: NEVER AGAIN. ...but for real, I think the Coyotes will regress to the mean before too long, maybe even this home stand. Minnesota is a significantly better team, but I think they're ultimately beatable. And then there's Edmonton. But I guess the real question is: if the Coyotes are truly all in on McDavid, do we even want them to win at home again?

Joey Versen: Oilers come to town for the final time this season on Dec. 16th. Might be their only chance.

Which Coyotes prospect that has not played in the NHL this season are you most excited to see recalled?

Christopher: My answer is Henrik Samuelsson. He isn't NHL ready yet but, the Coyotes team as a whole probably isn't NHL ready anyway. I look forward to him getting an audition after the new year.

Brendan: I'll concur with Henrik Samuelsson. I'm very interested to see what the Coyotes have in their Scottsdale product. He's almost certainly not ready for a full-time role, but in a brief 1-2 game stint, what's the harm?

Seth: I know I have an affinity for fourth liners who don't tangibly drive a team's success (Editor's note: admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery), but Jordan Szwarz was my favorite call-up last season and I am sad that he hasn't been up at all this season. With McMillan and Crombeen on the NHL roster, he probably doesn't have a spot, but I definitely think he's ready.

Joey: I'm anxious to see Tyler Gaudet brought up and given a shot. I got the vibe during the preseason that Tippett was pleased with the way both he and Tobias Rieder were playing on a fundamental level. Tobi has responded tremendously to the new level of competition, and I hope Gaudet can mimic him. Another solid two-way guy is never a bad thing.

Given Max Domi's hot start the season, was is a mistake to not play him in the NHL this year?

Joey: Not in the slightest. I don't think its appropriate to equate OHL success to immediate NHL success. But it is great news for everybody that Domi is excelling back in the OHL: Great for Domi because he's making the most of a chance to bolster his standing in the eyes of scouts and coaches, and great for the Coyotes because he's neither regressing nor stagnating, but improving. It was the right decision to keep him where he is.

Seth: Shouldn't his success be an indicator of it being the right choice? Players develop better when they are in a situation conducive to success. While guys like Rieder and Stone have taken steps forward, I don't feel like the Coyotes roster is the best place for Domi this season. Not to mention the move gives Arizona the full three years on his ELC. It was the right move to start the season, it's the right move even still.

Christopher: No, no, a thousand times no. I know this is hard, but the Coyotes weren't going to be a playoff team this season. With Domi on the roster, maybe they hang around the 8-10 spots in the conference but is a small chance at the playoffs worth starting the clock on his contract? No. The Coyotes are building for the future and Domi in London was the right move. Heck, there's no guarantee he would have been very good here this year anyway given the poor play of the forwards in general. And Domi may have precluded Rieder from a call-up this soon.

Brendan: Nope. Don't burn a year of his ELC on what has turned out to be a disaster of a season. It should be pretty obvious at this point that Domi would not have impacted the roster enough to turn this into a playoff team.

If you could wipe one current Coyote contract off the books, which one would it be?

Brendan: Mike Smith's deal. I understand why they did it, but goaltenders are notoriously difficult to gauge as far as value goes. It's actually a pretty solid testament to Maloney's management style that the Smith contract is arguably the worst on the team. Not a whole lot of terrible deals, and even fewer long-term ones.

Christopher: The Coyotes are actually in decent shape contractually. Lots of one year guys, and lots of guys locked in at good values. Smith or Doan are obvious answers, but neither of those is an albatross. Ribeiro's buyout still on the books stinks from a hockey perspective, but the Coyotes aren't a cap team so its not a deterrant to their ability to produce. I guess I would say Yandles deal if only to make it longer. $4 million is a heck of a bargain on him and if he is going to be traded, the deal being longer would only increase the return GMDM would get.

Seth: While Shane Doan and Mike Smith aren't performing where they should given their contracts and they are particularly constricting, I'd much rather take Mike Ribeiro's buyout off the books. Paying someone who doesn't $1.5 million a year through 2020 way more silly than overpaying for Smith or Doan.

Joey: If you love something, set it free. Let Shane Doan go somewhere where he has a legitimate chance to win a cup, and let's keep all that money we're giving him.