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George Gosbee: Coyotes relocation 'not even an option'

Geroge Gosbee can not see any NHL teams moving, including his, in the near future.

Christian Petersen

One thought danced in the minds of Arizona Coyotes fans when they first heard IceArizona was in the process of selling 51 percent of the team to Andrew Barroway -- how will this affect the chances the team relocates in four years?

The answer? It is not even in consideration.

George Gosbee, the team's current chairman and governor, who will likely assume the role as alternate governor upon Barroway's arrival, said, "Relocation is not even an option."

He preceded that statement by explaining how unlikely it would be for any NHL to relocate at the moment.

"Everybody talks about relocation, but just because you want to move the team doesn't mean it's going to happen," Gosbee said. "Everybody's got the right to relocate, or an opt-out, all 30 teams, but it needs board of governors approval. With the financial strength of all the teams, I can't see anyone moving."

He added that Barroway had no objections to IceArizona's desire to keep the team in Glendale.

Those words bring much relief to Coyotes fans, whose team has been marred with relocation rumors for more than half a decade.

Gosbee said there would be "no noticeable changes" to the average fan aside from increased financial flexibility that should help the team be "more competitive on the ice."

Gosbee touted the scarcity of North American professional sports teams along with the NHL's overall financial success as the main reason the team skyrocketed in value in a little more than a year. He added that his group always believed in the future of the NHL's finances (especially after the most recent CBA) as well as the Coyotes finances, even when others doubted.

"Contrarian investing is always the best kind of investing," Gosbee said.

Barroway was initially interested in purchasing 100 percent of the team, but Gosbee said the majority of the current investors did not want to sell, citing the aforementioned scarcity of professional sports franchises.

Financially, the Coyotes did lose money last season, however Gosbee reiterated that the totality of the losses were budgeted and not unexpected. He expects the team to lose money again this season, but looks forward to the team turing a profit in year three.