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Anaheim Ducks vs Phoenix Coyotes recap: we got swept

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Despite a good start and a strong effort in the 3rd, the Coyotes lost to the Ducks 5-3 and were swept in the season series.

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Editor's Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the person who was initially scheduled to write the review was unable to write the recap. This left Beta Carl, who was already two drinks in, with the responsibility of writing the review. Unfortunately, all we were able to recover was a string of real time, unedited thoughts during the game and in the true spirit of gonzo journalism we are posting them. May God have mercy on us all.

  • I'm not looking forward to tonight's game
  • Puck drop, talking about how good the Ducks are is terrifying
  • Penner is back, I'm not sure anyone noticed my pancake joke in the preview
  • So far shots on goal is 4-0 Anaheim at the three minute mark
  • I like Kennedy playing with the bottom-six, he never seemed to fit with Vrbata and Hanzal
  • Korpi scores early, just with hard work, picking up his own rebound off a rebound shot
  • The Coyotes playing with a lead has scared me this season, they seem to let up a lot more then they had in previous years with the lead
  • Initially looked like a great 2-on-1 but the Ducks caught up. Although to be fair, the 4th line on a rush doesn't inspire much faith, but drew a penalty which is great
  • I'm really not sure why people hate on Halpern, he's a role player and he plays that role well enough. For a fourth line center I think he's been great
  • Coyotes power play is better then our penalty kill. I feel like we made a wish with some sort of evil irony loving genie when we got a better power play
  • Had at least one good look on the power play when Derek Morris put it on the stick of Ribs for a redirect.
  • The Coyotes are going to need to keep Ducks players from setting up in front of Griess, that will only lead to bad things
  • Too many icing calls, need a TV time out to refill my wine
  • Griess goes out of the net, probably the smart play but Ducks tie it up
  • If you notice a Yandle misplay led to that, he's been better this season but still has had a few miscues
  • Yeah that's a hook. Crap Klesla taking a penalty there is not what we want
  • Ducks appear to be making a few mistakes in their own zone, the Coyotes need to keep capitalizing on those mistakes
  • Definitely a power play. Stupid move Ducks guy. What would Emilio Estevez say to that?
  • The brief power play actually looked really good and created some good momentum, let's see if the Coyotes can keep it
  • Momentum is such an important word in hockey, both the physical and metaphorical meanings. I think if you had to pick five words to describe the play of hockey, momentum would be one of them
  • Coming up on the end of the first, the Coyotes are playing better then we have come to expect, and the Ducks don't look like the No. 1 team in the NHL. I'm scared to think that they can be better than this though.
  • I like the Taco Bell eating nacho thingy while being chased by a girl's father. For some reason it makes me think of Trainspotting though, which had a much more polite resolution to the end of a similar situation.
  • Ducks have nine blocked shots to the Coyotes' one through the first period. I'm sure Jaime is upset by that
  • Coyotes have a better Corsi through the first period, Ducks have a better Fenwick. Just goes to show the importance of blocking shots.
  • Coyotes come into the 2nd looking great with some good offensive zone pressure during the first minute. Gotta keep that up
  • Vrbata gets a great pass and treats it like a shootout run with a guy holding on to him, drew a penalty and may have scored
  • The Ducks have the players with the best name. Not only do they have a guy with fowl in his name they have someone named Lovejoy, it's like the Simpsons drafted this team
  • Decent enough power play but they can't seem to capitalize. If the Ducks keep taking penalties I think it may happen
  • The 4th line against Anaheim's top line seems very, very, very, very, very bad. I don't want to hear Halpern and Getzlaf again unless there is a penalty kill situation.
  • Greiss let one in through the five-hole from Vantanen. Bad goal, but still time to recover, the Ducks aren't really the most defensively sound team
  • Pancakes scored a goal against our 4th line. Bad match up there
  • And one of the best lines in the NHL scores. Greiss was solid in the first but he would have gotten destroyed if he stayed out there. Not his fault though, just the ideal situation for him.
  • The Coyotes are playing like crap lately. Can we do that thing where we trade players to another team? I forget what its called.
  • Pushing after the whistle. Bad sign that our players are frustrated.
  • To be honest I'm not surprised Greiss got taken out. He has played solid but the Ducks are the best team in the NHL right now. You don't start the back up for that. I read that Burke requested more time with Smith which makes sense but this was a no win situation.
  • Stone making a great diving save. I miss him playing with Yandle. That is probably our future 2nd pairing.
  • Vermette slashes someone. I spent all four of my French classes hitting on girls so I don't know how to tell him "no."
  • This game reminds me of Mighty Ducks 3. Both are terrible.
  • Vermette out of the box all alone hits the post. That's the way this game is going to be isn't it?
  • Its 4-1, I'm not sure there is much else to say at this point.
  • With 20 minutes and 11 seconds left the Coyotes are down by three, I would rather be watching Blood Diamond which is about child soldiers and war in Africa.
  • When are broadcasters going to learn fans don't want to hear what the other team has to say. They are winning. F*** them.
  • Starts off good in the start of the third. We need to get something going.
  • Vrbata is playing with Ribs. Definitely a shakeup. He is playing center too, last time he was a left wing for Vrby and Hanzal.
  • Now the Ducks are looking like the best team in the NHL. Like Sharks they sensed blood in the water and attacked.
  • Nothing much is happening and I'm being distracted by Twitter. I think Coyotes fans have universally decided that something needs to change, it's just a matter of what.
  • Our PK continues to suck. And we are done.
  • Klesla fight. Because that makes sense. Also terrible fight.
  • 5-3. If nothing happens we are doomed
  • Something happened. We aren't necessarily doomed.
  • Something happened = goal off Hanzal's skate.
  • Considering Hanzal's skate was going back I can't see how it would be a "kicking motion"
  • 19 seconds on the power play, three goals down. Excuse me if I don't have faith we get one.
  • Jagr over Selanne?!?! Twitter fan post is bad
  • Hey I was at that Coyotes/Alumni vs ASU game. Got a Tyson Nash autographed puck out of it. If things go down hill it may be a FFH give away prize
  • Since we are so far down, I'm in anecdote mode, I told a recent Coyotes convert about the Teemu trade, and then we looked up the players involved. As a Buffalo Sabres fan he said its one of the worst hockey management situations he's seen.
  • The blocked shots numbers is going to make Jaime cry like that Italian guy who dressed like a Native American from that old commercial.
  • Late in the third I have to say I didn't expect us to win this game, and we did our best to not win after that terrible third.
  • Ribs scores making it 5-3 with ummm less than two minutes left. In the immortal words of Superbad "f*** my life."
  • Not sure anyone expected us to win this one, but we did about what I expected us to do.
  • 2 goals down. 1:26 to go on the power play. I don't see this ending in our favor.
  • And loss. Time for a more cheerful situation where a watch a movie about civil war in Africa. Fun times.
  • At least we lost to the best. . . that gives me no comfort