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Phoenix Coyotes Preseason Countdown: The Best of Bissonnette Edition

With 12 days left we look at the top 10 tweets from our favorite #12 Paul "BizNasty" Bissonnette.


While Paul Bissonnette's on-ice performance isn't as successful as a Sidney Crosby or P.K. Subban, he is a Twitter superstar nevertheless. Since late-2010, Bissonnette has used the Twitter handle "BizNasty2point0," a reference to his original account which was closed after a rather nasty tweet about Ilya Kovalchuk's rejected contract in June of the same year. A scrappy forward who loves to fight, Biss has been a fan favorite since arriving in the Valley and to celebrate good ol' number 12 we've decided to feature his top 10 tweets from this off-season!

10- To end the season Biss chirped what many were feeling.

9- Bissonnette has never been a goal scorer, maybe this season can be different.

8- Having been on both sides of the issue I have to agree with Biss.

7- The Biebs made his tour around the league this season, including a fairly controversial trip to Chicago but I think this might be the worst of it all.

6- I just hope this happens one day, just so Biss can be right.

5- Though a solid fourth-liner Bissonnette's twitter rep extends to even top-tier players, take this exchange with Roberto Luongo.

4- In June, Biss helped an Alberta man find his lost wallet, this is one of the few remaining tweets, but MyFoxPhoenix has a full story.

3- Aug. 5 was a big day for every Coyotes fan and BizNasty thanks them all.

2- In case you didn't hear, Oliver Ekman-Larsson has opened an online store that deals mainly in hats and boxers. I'll let you figure that one out.

1- The highlight of the off-season was BizNasty's flaming of a twitter troll, Nosebleed's story retweeted by the man himself tells the story.