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'Lock, 'Dock and Barrel: Best Place to Sit in Arena

In the same way that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not write a bad Sherlock Holmes story, there isn't really a bad seat in Arena.

Christian Petersen

With the ownership issue finally being resolved, it's time for Phoenix Coyotes fans to start planning for games they want to go to next season. A huge part of that process is where they are going to sit. Your seat can definitely have an impact on the game experience. While you would be hard pressed to find a bad seat in Arena, there are definitely seats that will be better suited to what you are looking for.

Of course the best seat is going to come down to preference, and more than likely, price. Since so much depends on preference, there is no real "best" answer for the "best" seats. Five for Howling's Carl Pavlock, joined by Brett Murdock of One is the Loneliest Number, are going to offer you our takes on the various seats around Arena.

If you want to see what it is like in any of these sections yourself, the Coyotes will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, August 7. For a full seating chart click here.

For the purposes of this post, sections 207-209 would be considered ends, sections 210-213 would be considered corners and sections 214-217 would be considered sides; so on and so forth. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Upper Bowl Ends

Brett: I've only sat in the Upper Ends a few times, but they were nice. Granted, my seats were in the front row of said area, but it was still a great sight line. I was lucky enough to be able to sit on a bit of an angle though, which gave me a slightly better view than if I had sat straight on. But, I have taken in some action from dead center behind the nets and the view is still pretty grand.

Carl: I've sat in the ends a few times during games, the seats tend to be the cheapest if you are on a budget, and I've always really enjoyed it. It is a little weird getting used to watching hockey from a different angle, and there can be some difficulties seeing certain parts of the ice depending on your specific seats, but those problems rarely come up.

Fan's Take: "I'm in 208. You can watch plays develop and can see almost all the ice, but the action is on the other end for a period." - Brendan Porter

TwitPic: View from 208 (courtesy of Nicole Olivier, @nicoleyoty)

Upper Bowl Corners

Brett: This is arguably the best bang-for-your-buck seat experience inside "The Job." Great pricing, beautiful sight lines to the ice and other rink areas, and of course, the people are always great. This is my personal preference when choosing tickets because of the value they provide and the view of the game you get. For my money, it's all about Section 202, baby!

Carl: Upper bowl corners are pretty much my favorite seats. The fans are excellent, the view is fantastic and if you sit in Sections 213 or 214, in the right rows, you can look up at the screens in the press box and catch the video replays. Great angle, great crowd and typically a great price; you can't ask for much more.

Fan's Take: "I sit in Section 202, Row B. I love sitting there. Almost right on blue line where the ‘Yotes attack twice and can see the whole ice really well." - Ronnie Laybold

TwitPic: View from Section 202 (courtesy of Laybold, @YotesHereToStay)

TwitPic: View from Section 213 (courtesy of Justin Matusow, @SputnikAZ)

Upper Bowl Sides

Brett: Similar to the Upper Corners, except a relatively big bump up in price. All of the same ambiance, sight lines, etc. just a bit more centered. One of the cool things is that on the press box side of the arena, if you look up from the Upper Sides (and a bit on the upper corners, as mentioned), you get to see giant TV screens that replay the action immediately. That's a pretty nifty feature.

Carl: The sides offer the distinct advantage of being more centered, which is definitely a plus for people, but not something I have found to be necessary when I watch games. If given the opportunity I prefer to sit on the west side of the arena. I like the fact that on the west side your perspective is the same as if you were watching a home game on TV.

Fan's Take: "201, Row A. Best seats in the house for watching a game. You see it all." - Shaun McGuire

Lower Bowl Ends

Brett: I think where your seats are truly matter for these areas. If you are down on the glass, odds are you're going to have a hard time seeing the other end of the ice and will have a one-dimensional viewing experience. Going up higher is better, but a lot of the same dynamics still apply in terms of what you see on the ice.

Carl: I've sat in the lower level ends only once, the seats were higher up but it was still a great seat that gave me a really good view of the ice. In general I do not prefer the ends because I tend to watch a lot of games on TV and it can feel a little weird watching games from a different angle, but it's something you get used to pretty easily.

Fan's Take: "I'm in 108, Row E. I love the section. Good views to all sides. There is a slight block of one corner, but the rest makes up for it. I like being where we shoot twice." - Sine Ruari

Lower Bowl Corners

Brett: Much like the rest of the lower bowl, it is best to get seats higher up and closer to the concourse just because it is much easier to see the game from that angle. My experience from sitting in the lower corners is pretty stagnant, meaning it's pretty par for the course.

Carl: With the lower bowl corners it's best not to get too low. I sat third row, once, and nothing could beat the view of the action directly in front of you; however it was difficult to see things on the other side of the ice. Sitting higher up in the sections eliminates that problem and it's pretty easy to see both ends of the ice.

Fan's Take: "We are in Section 104, Row P. [We] love [them] for the most part as [they are] just above glass line and good view of the ice." - David Diamanti

Lower Bowl Sides

Brett: I have only one true experience sitting in this area, and that was part of the Toyota Club (or whatever they call it now). With that being said, I was close to the ice and while that was a cool experience, like I have said before, hockey is best viewed from higher up, in my opinion. However, I did get a small taste of that during the intra-squad scrimmage just before the shortened season this year as I walked into the rink and immediately sat in the top row of Section 122. I loved the view, the proximity to everything, and the accessibility.

Carl: I have sat in the lower bowl sides a few times, and in general they are great seats. Great view of the action and you can get really close to the ice. In general, the crowds are still pretty good, but I've noticed a better chance of being seated next to the visiting teams fans. There is also less screaming compared to the upper bowl.

Fan's Take: "From Section 111, you can see all of the ice, heckle players in the box and call offsides before the refs!" - Dawn Lawson

TwitPic: Section 111.(courtesy of Lexi Lawson, @alexialawson)

TwitPic: View from Section 122 (courtesy of Tyler McCoy, @NotTylerMcCoy)

Special Mentions:

Carl's Special Mention: Club South (or whatever its called this year)

Club South has amazing seats that are on the ends of the ice giving you a near perfect view of the action. It also has a private bar and food service area with probably the best food you will get in Arena. In general, like pretty much all suites, you can't be as vocal as you can in the upper bowl.

Brett's Special Mention: Press Box

May be a bit biased here because I spent most of last year's home games up there, but nothing beats a free viewing of a hockey game where you get to see everything from a bird's eye point of view .