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New Parking Fees at Arena for Phoenix Coyotes Games

Starting next season, Coyotes fans will have to pay more to park at Coyotes games, or purchase a season parking pass.

Christian Petersen

This year, fans interested in parking at Arena to watch the Phoenix Coyotes, prices are going to start at $10 per game, or about the price of a stadium beer. There are options allowing fans to pay more to park closer.

The lot G parking, between 95th and 93rd Avenues, south of Coyotes Blvd, is available for $25 day of game pricing, $20 pre-purchase and $645 season permit, allowing fans to park right next to the arena. There are two other pricing options including lots J and K for $12 pre-purchase and $15 day of game, and lots X and Y that are always $10. For a visual view including prices, here is the parking fees map.

Parking had previously been billed into the tickets, but Coyotes fans, in general, seemed to happily accept additional parking fees if it was required to keep the team in Arizona.

The reactions to the news about paid parking has been mixed, with many of the negative responses coming from the increase in price to park at Lot G (previously $10) and the general aspect of accepting the fact that they will have to pay to park.

It's important to note that while Arena had previously not utilized parking fees, they instead choose to incorporate them into the ticket price. The idea of getting free parking is very rare in professional sports, if not life in the city in general.

So what do you think of the new parking fees? Do you think they are too high, are you planning to carpool to cut costs, will it keep you from going to games? Tell us in the comments below.