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Team USA Jersey: Yea or Nay?

Everyone has an opinion but we want to hear yours!

Bruce Bennett

The Internet was flooded by all kinds of posts when Team USA unveiled its new look. The jersey is definitely a departure from what we've seen in recent history, but not that different from the distant past. In fact, outside of the fake laces and plastic stars, it's almost identical to the 1920-1936 jerseys...almost. But since 1952, Team USA has been a jersey akin to the one used in the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" and most recent 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. The new design somewhat derives from both (the 1920 and 2010 jerseys), using a nearly identical crest to the 1920 variant and adding more to the shoulder stars found in 2010.

Generally, the reviews have been negative but we'd like to hear from you! Below we've posted links to the photos as well as a brief visual history of Team USA's jerseys from 1920 to today. Have a look, then vote and feel free to comment below!

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